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Replacing Displacement

In the early 1920’s Bentley was justifiably known as a manufacturer of beautifully engineered cars and engines. Many advances in engine design (such as twin spark plugs and an overhead cam) can be attributed to W.O. 1,159 more words

2015 Lexus NX 200t F Sport

First Lexus turbo turns up the juice in angular NX F Sport

If I were selecting a smallish sport-ute solely on looks Lexus’ NX would be my first choice. 1,204 more words

Mark Savage

Why The ACTIVE-8 Is The Real MVP

Let’s get one thing clear off the bat – we’ve got no rooting interest in the success of the New York Knicks or Los Angeles Lakers. 603 more words

Active Autowerke Tunes

Work Stories - 3 

Certain situations tend to leave a lasting impression. They make you change the way you see things. They change your perspective and often drive a sense of paranoia. 653 more words

The 2.0TFSI and the Introduction of E85.

The VW made 2.0 turbo, labeled the EA888, has always been a strikingly powerful engine.  Placed in vehicles like the Audi A4, or the VW GTI / GLI, this engine developed more than enough torque for you to enjoy yourself. 86 more words


The 2017 RS5 TDI: So Many Turbochargers.

The term Diesel has never been synonymous with racing.  In history, diesel was only used for fuel efficient TDI vehicles, such as Volkswagen’s and Volvo’s, or large tow trucks.  129 more words


Audi Saving the World: Creating Diesel from Water and CO2.

Audi has been booming in the news recently, due to their creation that could end the fuel crisis and save the world.  The “Audi E-Diesel” project, completed by a company called Sunfire, was unveiled recently, proving to the world that fuel could be made out of nothing more than carbon dioxide “CO2″, water “H2O”,and renewable energy resources.  28 more words