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My plane ride over the ocean blue

Before entering the plane heading to Canada, I had only been on a plane once to the sister isle of Tobago, which only lasted around 25 minutes. 79 more words


In Math We Trust

Isn’t it time to review our theories on economics, to see them in a radically different light? What lessons are we learning from this and other  crises, if any at all? 1,329 more words


LKA - Wildfire

Something a little different, in the form of LKA’s ‘Wildfire’. So it might have the structure of a pop track but we can’t help and enjoy this single. 42 more words


Rasa takut itu, saya takut....

Saat saya menulis hal ini saya sedang berada didalam pesawat Garuda.471 tujuan Jayapura, Sorong, Manado. Duduk di seat 41K. Selain karena ada kegiatan kantor yang akan dilaksanakan selama dua minggu di manado, saya juga sengat senang karena jika Tuhan berkenan saya akan bertemu dengan puteri cantik dan tentunya isteri saya  yang sudah saya tinggalkan hampir 2 bulan. 355 more words


Daily Devotional - 8/19/16 "Turbulence"

Baby, that shaking you’re feeling; yea, the one you can’t understand … That’s just turbulence! I know you feel the rocking and thought all hell was breaking loose but that’s just God getting ready to shift you higher. 346 more words

Daily Devotional


I felt it dripping

my raven locks




with lukewarm water

or lost solitude

In that ferry filled with strangers

i’d rediscovered the part of me long abandoned… 31 more words

Turbulence and Resistance by Samit Basu, Double Book Review

Fantasy is the genre of today’s book’s review. I decided to combine the reviews of both the books into one post; seeing how Turbulence is Book 1 & Resistance it’s sequel. 1,350 more words

Book Review