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A drift, to sleep.

If i could, i would make the stars sing to you, the softest of words in my heart, to take you to sleep, away from misery, away from dread…into a drowsy peaceful night…into a sparkly landscape, glimmering in your hazy eyes, with the stars that I set upon the canvas of sky….waiting to shimmer with your sleepy smile.   34 more words

Stock market rallies, then goes back right into the tank

For a while today the stock market was in rally mode. Then this afternoon it all went to pieces, and down the Dow went again — by 204 points! 8 more words

Abstract | Ocean Abstract 11

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Description From Photographer if Any:

This is another shot in a series I have done of compositions I am found in the ocean turbulence and currents.

By jgreer1

Source: 500px.com



Turbulence, Capt. John W. van Kleeff, 2014, ISBN 978-1-49903-508-7, 190 pp.

Beginning with fire trucks on the runway, and ending with, “…that was to fly” van Kleeff describes his life and career as a commercial pilot. 433 more words

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Slow walk heading to Moon

One evening I started a walk, Toward the shining ball, Hanging in the vast sky, Lightening in the dark…. I pulled left foot in air, 117 more words

markets are a machine for destroying the ego

Another remarkably revealing statement from a man who once likened himself to a giant digestive tract, taking in money at one end and expelling it at the other. 92 more words

Corporate Culture, Elites And Their Self-Understandings

August 20, 2005 part 1 - Getting there is not half the fun

This morning instead of getting ready for work, I finished packing my suitcase to fly home to visit my sick sister. My suitcase is the maximum size for Air Canada, and was completely loaded with clothes and last minute souvenirs. 537 more words

Life In Japan