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Fly High

“If you want to fly, you ought to handle some turbulence.”

~ Kabir Malik


Bubble Clouds

A few evenings ago, we saw bubble clouds in the sky. We do not get to see these often and, on this night, they joined a sunset to give us some color! 105 more words


Thanks for Skipping the Body Cavity Search. You're a Peach.

Dear NSA Security Agent,

Let me explain.

I know this was some time ago, but perhaps you will recall our repartee. I approached, travel-weary; halfway through my international journey, luggage already routed incorrectly, turbulence that helped restore my faith, and more standing and waiting logged than can be medically appropriate. 92 more words


dream #24

I was on a school trip on a plane with Webby from QUT to somewhere in Asia and whenever we hit turbulence someone would have to hold a large, orange, foam pool noodle thing shaped like a missile. 191 more words

Travel Sickness

Motion sickness otherwise known is a nausea caused by motion, especially by traveling in a vehicle. It occurs as a result of sensory organs sending mixed messages to the brain for processing which causes dizziness, light-headedness and sometimes vomiting. 260 more words


Wave-induced coherent turbulence structures and sediment resuspension in the nearshore

Hachem Kassem, and co-authors Charlie Thompson, Carl Amos, and Ian Townend from the Geology and Geophysics research group (Coastal) have been studying the complex interactions between wave-induced turbulence and sediment resuspension. 270 more words