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10 Facts You Should Know About Van Gogh

1. Vincent van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853, in Holland. He was named after his grandfather and his stillborn brother who died one year before Van Gogh was born. 46 more words


Turbulence Revisited

Big whorls have little whorls
Which feed on their velocity,
And little whorls have lesser whorls
And so on to viscosity.
-Lewis F. Richardson

In the book I reviewed in my last post, Chaos: The Making of a New Science, by James Gleick, this quote begins one of the chapters. 

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Turbulence. That’s a word to describe my thoughts right now.

With the turbulence, I naturally pulled out my long lost friend, my violin.  Long lost cause I stopped playing ever since college. 160 more words

Creative Works

Your life as a Kite

The Life of a Kite

On a shelf, stagnant and dead

Hoping, wondering for something more;

A chance to soar

In the sky, vibrant and alive… 147 more words

Owning Life

Eclipse Yourself

Season of the eclipse is here. That rumble stumble tumble you are feeling? Those winds of change that are gusting through your house, your heart, your head? 1,178 more words


The Turbulence [Looking For A Way Around This]

I remember you calling a couple months ago
And I picked up for the first time in a while
It felt weird, because we never talk… 523 more words