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Jangan Sepelekan Sabuk Pengaman di Pesawat

Sabuk pengaman. Tak jarang orang malas menggunakan sabuk pengaman ketika berkendara, baik ketika mengendarai maupun dikendarai.

Namun, jangan sepelekan sabuk pengaman ketika Anda berada di pesawat. 238 more words


Surface of things

Life is like a river
Serene and turbulent
You are fishing
A boat will disrupt the water.

My First Time!

Everything seemed new and foreign. Though I had seen it many times on TV, there was a certain ambiance, feel, smell and an odd quietness that you don’t get to experience from a screen in your living room. 655 more words

Keynes vs Friedman - What is the Mix Today?

The two opposed versions of the economy may be epitomized (albeit simplistically) by the visions of Keynes and Friedman. The state and regulations versus a deregulated and shock-therapy philosophy. 340 more words


An honest post

So I promised some people that I would be honest in this blog about the bad times and not just the good.

So far this trip has had its good and bads. 219 more words


Premiere: Troi Irons Blazes Toward Paradise In The 'Today' Video

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Troi Irons sings like a woman on fire. While that phrase is so often used to indicate brightness, contentment, and victory — word to Alicia Keys — Irons is burning in a different way. 329 more words

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