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Day 2846 - Sometimes You Have To Go Through The Storm For The Most Beautiful Places

On my flight from Baltimore to Tampa, we hit some really bad turbulence. The drink orders had just been taken, and the turbulence started. Even the flight attendants had to sit down. 274 more words


Birth of Physics

Finally got around to looking at a copy of Michel Serres ‘The Birth of Physics’ and already see some beautiful material about objects, flows, magnetism, rhythm, paths and turbulence. 205 more words


A Flash Interview with Universal Ratings' Chairman

Q: What is Resistance to Shocks (RtS)?

A: Resistance to Shocks is the capability of a business, a portfolio or a fund, to withstand disruptive and destabilising events in the markets, in the economy and in the geopolitical scenario. 509 more words


My Sweet Louise (series) 

My heart is heavy. My heart aches. My heart is weary and I can’t shake this feeling.

Though our paths have yet to meet in person, you have left a mark in my heart so great that what you are going through saddens my very soul. 201 more words

Climate Change and Turbulence

As the Earth gets warmer it means flights are about to get a whole lot bumpier… Live interview with BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.


Unfriendly Skies

Good morning and good blessings to you,

Getting Close to God

Flying back from Chicago into Wichita isn’t usually much of an adventure, what with our friendly skies, being free to move about the country and what have you. 482 more words

Spiritual Contemplation

In the Moment of Turbulence

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“…that they might ask mercy of the God of heaven concerning this secret.” (Daniel 2:18)

“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing; but the glory of kings is to search out a matter.” (Proverbs 25:2) And that’s exactly what is going on here. 1,451 more words