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Warped Outcomes of Abortion Laws

Abortion laws have resulted in the following warped outcomes:

  • Unborn eagles are protected by law. Unborm humans are not.
  • A Teenage girl at a public school must get permission from her parents to take an aspirin, but she needs no permission if she wants to get an abortion.
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Creation Itself Demonstrates That Natural Laws Are Not Immutable

“Creation itself demonstrates that natural laws are not immutable. Something doesn’t naturally come from nothing. But here we are.

We also know that natural laws are not immutable because they are descriptions of what happens, not prescriptions of what must happen.

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Atheism: The Belief That There Is No God

A Strategic Aversion of An Irresolvable Problem

Among contemporary atheists, one will often hear the claim that atheism is simply a lack of belief in God or gods. 1,165 more words


You Ought Not Judge!

You ought not judge!

How often do you hear this? Or variations of it, like “Don’t judge me!”

People love to use this bumper sticker philosophy, usually to justify something they are doing. 701 more words

The Problem of Evil and Suffering

Can we be good without God? This is the question that I previously covered in my blog post of the same name. That post covered how God is the source of absolute morality.  2,288 more words