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A Very Short Story: Human After All

In which humans are just humans. I was going to label this as flash fiction, but I feel like it’s slightly too long. 499 more words

Short Story

[Film Inquiry] The Turing Test in Ex Machina

Published on Film Inquiry on March, 27.

If you are even remotely familiar with technology, sci-fi, or the world of computers, you’ve probably heard ‘Turing Test’, even if you don’t quite know what it means.  826 more words


The Turing Test, Part II: Letting Bots Be Bots, or Humanist Psychotherapists

Ari Warshavsky’s title of his piece on chatbots–“Human But Not Too Human”–is telling.  His emphasis isn’t on bots replicating the human.  Instead, he suggests that there’s a hazard in being “too human.”  To Warshavsky, realizing the potential of chatbots requires we optimize them for the task-at-hand, rather than passing them off as human.  1,176 more words

Ex Machina to Humankind: Ava

As we finished the movie Ex Machina in class today, there were many questions left with the audience. When looking up the actual meaning of the title, I discovered that it comes from “Deus ex Machina” which is a phrase used to describe something brought into a storyline to help resolve the current situation or perplexity. 385 more words

Breaking Out: What happens when machines become human

Imagine you were a human who lived a hundred thousand years ago.

When you go that far back, to a time when humans had no language to communicate with, used stone tools and were just learning to use fire, it’s impossible for you to look beyond the basic rudiments of survival. 3,413 more words


Black Mirror: Be Right Back

“Be Right Back” may be the most poignant episode of Black Mirror. The opening scenes quickly establish that Ash and Martha are a couple in love, thanks in no small part to the performances put in by Hayley Atwell and Domhnall Gleeson. 1,515 more words

Some thoughts about self-driving

We have seen in a recent article that a self-driving car should answer to the question why ? The high number of road accidents is mostly due to human factors. 389 more words