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online struggles...

There was a clue in how I danced in 1984. We missed it.
But now, online.

The CAPTCHA code gets me every time. I see different letters. 76 more words

Ideological Turing Test: More Important Than Ever?

For this post I decided to do something a little different. Instead of talking about politics I wanted to talk about a concept that I found watching… 698 more words


The problems with philosophical zombies

In any online conversation about consciousness, sooner or later someone is going to bring up philosophical zombies as an argument for consciousness being non-physical, or at least some portion of it.   1,034 more words


Turing test.

I have seen future.

And first program that passes Turing test will be bot spewing political propaganda.

Real Life Crazy

The Alan Moore Jerusalem interview tapes, #3: “Stop pushing the wheelbarrows”

Following my feature on Alan Moore’s Jerusalem, I’ve been posting edited highlights from the 30,000-word interview transcript. Over the last two days, Moore has solved the little problem of our broken democracy, and made an argument for (quietly) toppling governments. 567 more words

Frustrations with the Digital

As much as I like the internet and my laptop and the easy access to information at the press of a button (or more recently the tap of a screen) there are some things that I will always enjoy more in their analog form. 926 more words

Empathy with robots - science fiction or reality?

A number of popular videos made available by Boston Dynamics (a Google company) has shown different aspects of the potential of bipedal and quadrupedal robots to move around in rough terrain, and to carry out complex tasks. 254 more words

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