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You stole my heart, valentine!  Please give it back.  Just because I donated a kidney doesn’t mean you can freely take more of my organs. 67 more words


The Imitation Game

I finally watched The Imitation Game last night. I have a great deal of regard for Alan Turing, and I’ve always enjoyed codes and cryptography (the story of breaking the… 1,398 more words


Test de Turing: a dieciséis años de su propuesta

El trabajo de Turing plantea la pregunta “¿Las maquinas pueden ser inteligentes?” este replantea a “¿Una maquina puede actuar de manera que esta parezca razonable? “para poder solucionar esta incógnita o al menos proponer una metodología para poder probar esta tarea y propone un método de evaluación para demostrar que la maquina esta de hecho, pensando racionalmente y no solo está respondiendo en consecuencia a lo que se inserta de manera de código. 991 more words

Clarke's Third Law - Challenge, or Fate?

Arthur C. Clarke’s third law is:

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Last Thursday I attended a lecture entitled “Our Children, Our Technology, Our Future”, which was an excellent talk given by Dr. 191 more words

UM, IBM Partner On 'Conversational' Computing System

ANN ARBOR — In an effort to help solve one of the biggest challenges of artificial intelligence, the University of Michigan and IBM have launched a $4.5 million collaboration to develop new conversational technologies that will enable people to interact more naturally and effectively with computers. 952 more words


It's Only Human

The latest movie to get a viewing here in the shadows was the sci-fi drama “Uncanny” directed by Matthew Leutwyler (“Answers To Nothing”, “The River Why”) from a story by screenwriter Shahin Chandrasoma (“Lower Learning”). 413 more words


What does it mean to think and could a machine ever do it?

Peter Ellerton, The University of Queensland

The idea of a thinking machine is an amazing one. It would be like humans creating artificial life, only more impressive because we would be creating consciousness. 853 more words