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In searching for you I must use as few words possible, as each is stripped to its irreducible core, like a soul standing before the Lord at Judgment, and cast across the sky’s proverbial Cloud, where it is processed and inverted into the digital psychosphere, and fed back to terra firma with transubstantiation as its vehicle. 453 more words

The Turing Test: Is that Human or Machine?

I propose to consider the following question, ‘Can machines think?’

Thus begins Alan Turing’s paper “Computing machinery and intelligence.”  It’s 1950 England, and the world’s first computer is being used to calculate the next known largest prime number, a feat meant to show off the power of the computer.  

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Did You Know?

The Modern Tower of Babel

I alluded to the problem of language in my introductory post on programming. The allusion was hopeful, in that our machines are learning to understand us. 2,160 more words


Deus Ex Machina

And now more from the apparent riot that was Ex Machina. Alex Garland’s much lauded epic is a rehashing of the same darkness and eat-your-soul type narrative his earlier films, 28 days later and Sunshine expounded on. 587 more words


Ex Machina – a porno flick for the thinking man

I’m sorry: if you are looking for porn, you will be disappointed. There is little in this movie that would raise the eyebrow of the censor. 2,007 more words


The Turing Test Explained

One of my short informational posts, designed for the average person

For some people, the word Turing Test brings of a picture of Alan Turing, pictured above. 414 more words