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Ex Machina (2015)

EX MACHINAwritten & directed by Alex Garland / rated ‘R’ / one hour and 48 minutes / cast: Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson, Alicia Vikander… 401 more words

The MFF Podcast #13: Planes, Trains and Chris Evans

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We hope you enjoyed our previous episode on What If scenarios including Kurt Russell movies, combining… 238 more words

Films And Flix Special

What is AI and What can we do with it today?

With this first post in the series on AI, I thought I’d start with what AI is and what we can do with it today. There are many schools of thought on how to define AI and they broadly fall into one of four buckets: 469 more words

Artificial Intelligence

Elementary, my dear IBM Watson

In one of my earlier posts this year, I briefly covered some of Ray Kurzweil’s predictions. In his famous book, The Singularity is Near… 572 more words


Artificial Intelligence Gets a Bold, Scary, Feminist Spin in 'Ex Machina'

Ex Machina
Four stars (out of four)
R (graphic nudity, language, sexual references, some violence)
108 minutes

From Asimov, to “Blade Runner,” to “The Terminator,” makers of science-fiction have long been obsessed with the concept of artificial intelligence and what such a technological development would portend for the human race. 994 more words

Emotional versus intellectual attributions of consciousness

Click through for full sized version and the red button caption.

via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

This SMBC reminds me of a concept that I’ve been debating on ways to express, but a brief comment here seems like the opportunity to do so.   376 more words


Ex Machina - 2015

What came of a spontaneous trip to Carlton to re-immerse ourselves in the warm, welcoming and iconic Cinema Nova was a pleasantly surprising experience.
Seated next to my girlfriend with boxes of shapes bookending us, we sat back and soaked in the familiar surroundings of one of our favourite places to watch films. 983 more words