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Parlor Games and Asian Rooms: The AI Debate

Today I want to write a bit about the two sides of the artificial intelligence debate. The bulk of this piece – save some fun thoughts at the end – is going to be nothing new to those in the know, but there’s a lot of important prerequisite here that, since most of you aren’t huge robotics nerds, you likely won’t have. 764 more words

Google - CAPTCHA

Acronym for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.  A test that asks the user to read distorted text and type it in a text box.   37 more words


There May be a Major Flaw in the Turing Test

The Turing test remains the standard method of discerning between a human and artificial intelligence, but new research is suggesting that there is a major flaw in it. 437 more words


Heartbreaker, I'm Addicated To You (Ex_Machina review)

She’s not your typical girlfriend. Recognize those lyrics dear readers?

It’s from a Simple Plan song called My Alien. It’s probably one of my favourite tracks on that album. 853 more words


Researchers argue AI can fool the Turing test without saying a thing

Alleged criminals might not be the only ones to benefit from pleading the Fifth. By falling silent during the Turing test, artificial intelligence (AI) systems can fool human judges into believing they’re human, according to a study by machine intelligence researchers from Coventry University.

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Would you throw the fat guy off the bridge?

The recent fatal accident with a Tesla in autopilot mode did not involve any difficult moral decisions by the automatic driving systems, as it resulted from insufficient awareness of the conditions, both by the Tesla Autopilot and by the (late) driver. 223 more words

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