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The Turing Test in Ex Machina

If you are even remotely familiar with technology, sci-fi, or the world of computers, you’ve probably heard ‘Turing Test’, even if you don’t quite know what it means.  822 more words


The Ghost in the Machine: Black Mirror and the Murky Morality of Artificial Intelligence

Spoilers for many episodes of Black Mirror, including U.S.S. Callister, Hang the D.J., Black Museum, Be Right Back, Playtest, White Christmas, and San Junipero

Black mirror, the Sci-Fi anthology series broadcasting the perils of near-future technology, has grown increasingly single-minded. 1,337 more words


10. The Healthy Skeptic

 . . . a graphic of two faceless cartoon figures communicating via tin cans and a string.

19 minutes

“Witchs Will” by Wilburn Burchette and “No Riders” by Pye Corner Audio… 10 more words


037 - "Lenny Bruce"

Episode 37. “Lenny Bruce.” Shot of Love. The Bootleg Series, Vol. 13: Trouble No More. Bunker. November 9, 2017.

Bob Dylan

Turing Test in Artificial Intelligence by Alan M. Turing

Alan Turing, in a 1951 paper, proposed a test called “The Imitation Game” that might finally settle the issue of machine intelligence. The first version of the game he explained involved no computer intelligence whatsoever. 1,213 more words

Artificial Intelligence


The internet of things: the interconnection via the internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data. 176 more words