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The ghost in the machine – ex machina

The Turing test is a concept which most people interested in computers and particularly AI have heard of. Named after genius Alan Turing of Bletchley Park fame (the type of fame which comes after your work is declassified many years later) who was finally posthumously pardoned for the non crime which scandalized his career. 386 more words

Bill Gates

What is consciousness?

(source: sciencedirect)

What is in the content of our thoughts?

Are we conscious when we are asleep?

Is someone in a comatose conscious?

Laureys (2005) looks into the consciousness of those in coma in light of death. 484 more words


A Survey of Question Answering for Math and Science Problem

This paper provides a new perspective on thinking about artificial intelligence. Turing test has been proven to be insufficient in measuring artificial intelligence. So now, the standardized math and science tests have been accepted as a way to measure artificial intelligence. 1,162 more words


One Last Time

Hey there everybody!

I would like to share a poem with you all.

I wrote it a while back when I saw the movie “The Imitation Game.” The story of Alan Turing touched my heart. 612 more words

[VIDEO] Get a Crash Course on Alan Turing in Just 13 Minutes

From his career to his personal life to the machine and test named after him, Crash Course offers, well, a crash course on the father of computer science, Alan Turing.

via Boing Boing


Life of a Chatbot: Mitsuku the Wonder Girl

The modern age has brought us many things to marvel upon, and nothing less would be the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the form of online chatbots. 1,052 more words


The Turing Test Review

It has occurred to me that I really have not ever really explained how I select the games I review.  Quite simply, I have a list of titles that I keep based off of games that I catch a glimpse of or hear about while perusing around my regular sources of game related news.   1,092 more words

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