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Peoples of Africa, Northern Kenya

Mt. Nyiru is located on the edge of the Great Rift Valley in Northern Kenya. Remote and wonderful, it is the sacred mountain of the Samburu tribe and the heart of their territorial homeland. 107 more words


Stop using dressing as an excuse for promiscuity and sexual abuse

Its been a while since  I last blogged so let me start by saying Happy New Year!!! Finally I get to comment about this issue that has been bothering me for years .Last month there was an article by a local newspaper alleging that President John Pombe Magufuli of Tanzania had banned wearing of miniskirt in his country.At first glance I thought this is so 15th century, then on second thought I thought maybe he has a point because although I haven’t met him in person he has been all over the media doing all the good things for Tanzania, in fact there is a time I wished I was Tanzanian so I could enjoy all the good policies coming up in my neighbouring country. 654 more words

Turkana: Underrated Paradise

Photography by Mwenda Gitonga.

Temperature: hot…really hot …you might wanna pack light clothing else roasting is real people!

And do take Anti-malaria drugs before travelling…Mosquito repellent or bug spray would really come through. 639 more words


Earliest Evidence of Warfare

Researchers from the University of Cambridge Leverhulme Center for Human Evolutionary Studies have published the findings of the remains of 27 hunter–gatherers were unearthed in a remote part of Kenya called Nataruk near Lake Turkana in 2012 —many of whom, based on the startling state of their bony remnants, died horrifically violent deaths, in this week’s… 84 more words


Turkana: Wild Beauty

Hello beautiful people!

Is it too late to wish ya‘ll a Happy New year? Well screw it! I hope your holidays were epic and that 2016 started out great. 79 more words


Reimagining Kenya’s North: Addressing past injustices, marginalization and intractable conflicts

Kenya’s long and dark history north of the Equator is the reason why people from Northern Kenya talk of going south as going to Kenya. From the early colonial and arbitrary demarcation of ancestral lands belonging to nomads, intractable conflicts that previously had traditional resolutions became state propelled conflicts, escalating in dimension and intensity as the populations grew, climate change occurred and resources dwindled. 1,209 more words

Ben Carson Claims Kenyan Ancestry Via Turkana Tribe Hahaha

this brain surgeon chap will have to show me how his ancestors got from east africa to the slave plantations of the south to detroit… 106 more words