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National Hamburger Day - May 28th

Happy National Hamburger Day!

Here’s a bit of hamburger-related trivia:

” ‘$100 hamburger’ (‘hundred-dollar hamburger’) is aviation slang for a general aviation pilot needing an excuse to fly.

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Turkey Burger Delight

Mercedes here! I promise I exist and I don’t just let Jenni do all the posting ;)

I started a new job just two weeks ago and am still trying to get used to the schedule change. 302 more words


K is for Ketchup

We have made it to the letter which holds a special place in my heart as two of my initials begin with it, the letter K! 919 more words

Sauces & Sides

Southwest Turkey Burgers w/Guacamole

Weekdays are tough to create interesting dinners with busy work schedules, activities, etc.  Even firing up the grill, something like a turkey burger can be pretty pedestrian, but it doesn’t have to be.   315 more words

255 On The Board Today

Woo Hoo! 255 Pounds! Not even an extra 1/2 pound either – just 255. I like the way that sounds, has a nice ring to it. 402 more words

Lifestyle Changes

Meal Preps!

We all have very busy schedules, with work, assignments, and even families, there’s a lot to juggle. It’s very easy to fall off of your diet and fall into the “picking up something on the way home”, which is usually fast food. 343 more words

Greek Style Turkey Burger Bowl & Feeding A Toddler

I have to say, I was blessed with a very good eater. My toddler is very eager to try new things and loves food, but there are days that I am reminded that I am feeding a toddler. 355 more words