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The Last Walk of Freedom

  On March 21 a few hours after these photos were taken, all citizens over the age of 65 (and yes, that definitely includes us) were ordered by the government to stay home – no grocery runs, no dog walks, no driving anywhere.   117 more words


Video: Infighting Among Turkish Proxies Erupts in Syria. Rocket Strike Hits US-operated Oil Facility in Iraq - Global Research

Infighting among Turkish-backed groups has erupted near the town of Ras al-Ayn. According to local sources, conflicts over the captured houses and looted properties became the main reason of the conflict between members of the Sultan Murad armed group which attacked other Turkish-backed “rebels”.


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The Turkish occupation continues to send the families of their mercenaries to replace the original residents of the city in Ras al-Ain - The Syria Times

The Turkish occupation forces continued their aggressive practices on the Syrian territories, and today, they relocated dozens of families of their mercenaries from terrorist organizations and placed  them in the houses of the indigenous people of the city of Rasal-Ain.


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Erdogan destroys the judicial system, say Lawyers’ syndicates - The Syria Times

In a joint statement issued today on behalf of tens of thousands of lawyers, the heads of lawyers’ syndicates in a number of major Turkish cities, including Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir denounced the continuous pursuit  of security authorities in Erdogan’s system of lawyers, journalists, and politicians, and placing many of them in prison on false charges.


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Turkish occupation establishes new military posts in Hasaka, transfers amounts of stolen wheat to Tal Abyad, Raqqa countryside - SANA

Turkish occupation forces continued their violations of the international law and their aggression on the Syrian territories through establishing more new military posts and enhancing their positions which they have occupied in Hasaka countryside in parallel with looting large amounts of wheat that have been stored in Raqqa northern countryside.


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Santiago rises first on Sunday morning. As I lie hugged to the sliver of mattress left to me by his sprawling, he slowly stands upon the bed. 1,461 more words

Chinese Doctors Fighting COVID. Turkey, Venezuela, Mexico, South Africa, Iraq.

Chinese doctors are sharing their experience and knowledge to help these following countries beat back the Corona Virus.  Taiwan is noticeably angry.

South Africa

China firmly supports South Africa’s endeavor in COVID-19 fight, Xi said, adding his country will continue to offer help within its capacity to South Africa in line with the latter’s needs, share its experience in epidemic prevention and control, and strengthen cooperation in health care, Xi said. 236 more words