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Thinking of Turkey

Tonight I am thinking of Turkey. No, I am not getting ready for Thanksgiving. I am thinking about the country.

Specifically about Tarsus, Antioch of Pisidia and Antioch on the Orontes. 341 more words


Arcan Cetin, Native of Turkey; 'Call of Duty' Player, #CascadeMallShooting Slayer

Arcan ‘The Turk’ Cetin: The suspect in the shooting deaths of five people in a mall in Washington state has been named.

Online records show that Cetin was arrested in July 2015 on charges of assault in the fourth degree.  106 more words

Breaking News

Turkish Muslim "Hispanic"

You have to go to a British paper at this point to get the nationality and religion of the Cascade mall shooter.

And, of course, the motive is “unclear” and terrorism is not suspected. 186 more words


Washington Mall Killer In Custody - Not Hispanic After All - He's A Turk

Anyone surprised?

The news outlets can’t wait five minutes.  Law enforcement authorities can’t wait five seconds.  Before the smoke can clear from the scenes of carnage it happens.  237 more words


Daily mythology: Gay people

Our country, like all the other predominant Muslim countries, should be a paradise for all Gay people: Women and men ar as separated as possible, as a man you only shake hands with other men, as a woman with women. 59 more words

Things that have been written

Big things are happening on both sides of the Atlantic. On the side of the Atlantic which I know only as exile and alienation, the police continue to murder Afro-American people (and young men in particular) with impunity, but correspondingly, the Afro-American people (and youth in particular) are heroically standing up. 608 more words


A Short Discussion on Women in Turkish Society: How Sport Can Mirror Other Developments in the Social World

On 12 September 2016, the first day of the Eid al-Adha holiday, a woman was assaulted on a public bus in Istanbul for wearing shorts. … 896 more words