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West Park Story!

Harrogate, is an elegant and historical spa town nestled in the southern flank of North Yorkshire and a mere hop, skip and a jump from the Yorkshire Dales, often simply referred to as “The Dales”. 798 more words


Anti-gravity and sex orgies

We’ve been given the opportunity to tour multiple labs at CERN. One of coolest was this Anti-matter factory! Every particle (proton, neutrino, etc.) all have an ‘opposite’ parter which is a similar particle just with an opposite electrical charge. 926 more words

Getting up close and personal with Turkey.

As a group, we started our day at the Blue Mosque. Before entering, all the women needed to cover their heads. I also needed to cover my legs because I was wearing leggings. 469 more words

Travel Guide: Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a city with a fascinating culture and loads of history! I found it different than expected – more European – with cobblestone streets, brick buildings, outdoor cafes… I hate to admit it, but I think I almost foolishly expected a city more ‘Middle Eastern’ and exotic. 384 more words


Romantic Budapest

Budapest was one of the many surprise highlights of my trip. Not only is it incredibly beautiful, it has a rich, interesting culture and history. 274 more words


A weekend of birthday celebrations in Harrogate

It was my birthday last Friday, my 28th year has now commenced. Twenty-seven flew by, rapidly, and this next year I know will fly by also as there are lots of exciting things ahead. 548 more words


William Liefke Block (10333 - 96 Street)

Circa 1907

Google Streetview

EdHGIS: 1914 Fire Insurance Maps & Google Earth Imagery