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Let’s go to … Harrogate, North Yorkshire

The Harrogate Flower Show is almost upon us, but it’s not the only attraction luring visitors to the North Yorkshire spa town – there’s beer and Turkish Baths too



Here comes the Budapest blog!

Budapest was amazing! We stayed in a party hostel called Carpe Noctem (http://www.hostelworld.com/hosteldetails.php/Carpe-Noctem/Budapest/24308) I am not paid to advertize for them. 886 more words

Beer Bike

West Park Story!

Harrogate, is an elegant and historical spa town nestled in the southern flank of North Yorkshire and a mere hop, skip and a jump from the Yorkshire Dales, often simply referred to as “The Dales”. 798 more words


Anti-gravity and sex orgies

We’ve been given the opportunity to tour multiple labs at CERN. One of coolest was this Anti-matter factory! Every particle (proton, neutrino, etc.) all have an ‘opposite’ parter which is a similar particle just with an opposite electrical charge. 926 more words

Getting up close and personal with Turkey.

As a group, we started our day at the Blue Mosque. Before entering, all the women needed to cover their heads. I also needed to cover my legs because I was wearing leggings. 469 more words

Travel Guide: Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a city with a fascinating culture and loads of history! I found it different than expected – more European – with cobblestone streets, brick buildings, outdoor cafes… I hate to admit it, but I think I almost foolishly expected a city more ‘Middle Eastern’ and exotic. 384 more words


Romantic Budapest

Budapest was one of the many surprise highlights of my trip. Not only is it incredibly beautiful, it has a rich, interesting culture and history. 274 more words