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Simmering Zucchini Dish (Kabak Kavurmasi)

With a savory and rich tomatoey flavor, this dish is beautiful and delicious.

Zucchini is the star of this dish. But for this dish I don’t fry it or bake it or skewer it. 191 more words

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Turkish Okra Sauté (Bamya Tavasi)

The perfect balance of a savory ground beef filling with aromatic spices, pistachios and almonds.

In Turkish cooking, I’ve been learning about the myriad of different variations on stuffed vegetables. 268 more words

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Yapma (Ground Beef & Bulgur Patties)

       A tender, savory, crispy meat and bulgur pattie packed with Turkish spices!

     Yapma (pronounced “yaahp-mah”) is actually Turkish for “making.” It’s the perfect word to describe this dish because in essence it does require a lot of “making” to prepare the dish. 516 more words

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Işkembe Çorbasi (Turkish Tripe Soup)

     This traditional soup is creamy, thick and savory. With chewy bits of tripe and a spicy vinegar topping it is something worth trying.

This soup starts with tripe. 327 more words

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Savory Bulgur with Sautéd Ground Beef & Carmelized Onions ( Kiymali Simit Asi)

Similar to the Sade Simit Asi recipe, the main difference between them is that this recipe has caramelized onions and ground beef on top. It’s a little bit more hearty and it’s delicious! 165 more words

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Birthday meal at A la Turka!

As I get older, I find it harder and harder to decide what I want to do for my birthday. When I was a kid, it was always a party of some sort, but then when I got to thirteen I decided that wasn’t really ‘cool’ anymore! 944 more words


Maş Corba (Mung Bean Soup)

A savory, spicy and hearty soup, Maş Corba is truly a unique experience.

I’ll admit that this is the first time that I’ve ever cooked with dried mung beans. 329 more words

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