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NAVIGA Yacht Magazine November/December 2015

Culinary culture is a concept travelling with people. Consider a fish dish called Buğulama in Turkey, and Burdeto in Greece, and Brodetto in Italy, also Broeto in Venice, a bit further in France Bouillabaisse, and in Spain it is called Suget. 1,426 more words


Baked Aubergines with Garlic Tomato Sauce (Imam Bayildi)

«Imam Bayildi» means «The Imam fainted» in turkish. According to tradition, the Imam fainted, when he found out how much olive oil his wife used, while frying the aubergines. 264 more words


Guvecte Fasulye

I first had guvecte fasulye in Istanbul in December. It’s a nice, flavourful stew for when the weather turns colder, although I prefer it with chunks of beef rather than sujuk, which is how I enjoyed it in Istanbul. 18 more words

Just Pictures

Lamb Mince Kebabs with Pistachios (Simit Kebab)

I first tasted this dish in Istanbul, in a small restaurant, hidden away somewhere around the spice market. When you first bite into this aromatic kofta, you will see (and taste) tiny green pieces of pistachios. 312 more words


Hiking from DB to Mui Wo & Eating Out As a Vegan

Hey everyone! I didn’t get to post a recipe for the Five Days of Fall series, and nor will I today. But I wanted to share my experience on a hike and dining out with my friends yesterday. 585 more words


Turkish Cuisine and how it haunts you even after you're back!

Turkey.. a magical land that mesmerises you with its grand mosques, white travertines, opulent palaces and jaw dropping vistas. It is this confluence of Asian and European cultures that makes Turkey a beautiful hotspot! 448 more words

Cevizli Lahmacun (Turkish Nut Flatbread)

This weekend I finally had time to try a new recipe from my new favorite cookbook Yemek – Rezepte aus Istanbul (recipes from Istanbul) by Lisa Rienermann and Isabel Lezmi. 407 more words