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This is why I Hate and Love Turkey! The Full Report

It is 22h30…

Istanbul, 30th of November 2016

   Sudden shudder, atrocious wrench and then fainting 868 more words


Taste the best cuisine that is rich in nutrients and good for your health

If you are looking for tasty and healthy food, then your search for it ends at Kebab house. Istanbul Kebab House is well known amongst the people for its fresh and delicious food. 367 more words

Kebab House

Top 10: Turkish Eats

Taste Buds

Welcome to the first in the series of Taste Buds, showcasing a country’s delicious dishes. We start with: Turkey.
  • We probably missed some, so why not write in with your own suggestions below
  • 170 more words

International Friends Day

(Title creds go to Mike ;)

Thursday Dec 1st –

Watercolor flowers suddenly seem like the best thing to add to every inspirational quote/verse and though they are pretty and I’m liking doing them a lot, I’m not sure what I’ll be able to turn to for some variety now 😬 381 more words


Vagina interest, standard date night and omgyes

Multiple people asking to see my vagina print. At the same time.

Date night with Jonny. The classic Turkish food at Petek, beer at the Fullback and ping pong and dance machine at Rowan’s. 14 more words

Autumn, food and my necklace

The trees outside my window have changed colour, seemingly overnight.

The huge Turkish meal we had exploring a new bit of London. And the very friendly staff. 14 more words