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The Imam was Thrilled (and did not faint)

Imam Bayıldı is often translated (from Turkish into English) as the imam fainted. This is literally what the verb bayılmak means, but – and this is an important, albeit pedantic ‘but’ – it also means ‘to be thrilled with’ or ‘enraptured by’ something – ‘to like something greatly’. 528 more words


Yaprak Dolması

I was given some fresh vineleaves from a friend – thank you Angela. Well Angela had kindly brined them for me and popped them in a lovely jar. 576 more words


CTS: HSP virgin no more

Flemington Kebab House, 301 Racecourse Road, Flemington. Phone: 9376 2767

As has been amply illustrated through its six-year history, Consider The Sauce is VERY partial to food with its origins in the Middle East or eastern Mediterranean. 339 more words


Turkish Food

What do the Turks eat? Or more exactly: What did we – tourists trying to act as locals – eat in Turkey?

Well, in Istanbul, it was actually kind of hard to try and find authentic Turkish food. 493 more words


Day After Thunderstorm

After a long stormy night Ithaca was a humid mess. Doesn’t seem like it rained enough to save Ithaca from impending drought, however. We spent most of the day at Mann library, soaking up the generous air-conditioning. 132 more words

Relax, it feels safe in Istanbul!

Due to unexpected and surprising, but pleasant ways of life, I found myself in Istanbul in a period when everybody is avoiding approaching Turkey. Here I am for 3 weeks, right after some bombings, attacks and other scary events and believe it or not I find it safe and exciting. 634 more words


Turkish Sword Sausage - #Foodie #Friday

Driving last week in Belgium, I drove past an old Turkish restaurant I always enjoyed. Since it was early in the day, I could not tell if the place was deserted or awaiting staff to begin meal preparations. 168 more words