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Yashim Steps Out

I’m told that tickets for my first Yashim Cooks Istanbul gig have sold out, which has to be good news. Although I remember being told the same thing by the nice people at Faber at the launch party for The Janissary Tree, and wondering if publishers lived on the same planet as the rest of us. 290 more words

The Writing Life

In the mood for some Turkish (Instagram) food

If you’re anything like me, you love filling your Instagram feed with food accounts. Videos, photos, recipes – you name it. You watch a video, you click on the account, and suddenly… You’ve spent a whole hour just watching food videos! 1,167 more words


Making Turkish cheese rolls

Turkish cheese rolls, otherwise known as Turkish cigars or Sigara Bouregi, is my favorite Turkish dish. Lately, I have been craving this delicious food. I found a recipe online so I decided to make it with the leftover mint I had. 149 more words



Köfte is eaten all over the world, from Asia to the Middle East to Africa and even North America. They are little patties usually made of ground meat, somewhat like little sliders minus the bun. 239 more words


Turkey (Part Three)

In order to get to our “hotel” we had to take a small road off the highway. It was strange because we saw nothing for the longest time, and then out of nowhere a small town popped up. 1,317 more words


The Imam was Thrilled (and did not faint)

Imam Bayıldı is often translated (from Turkish into English) as the imam fainted. This is literally what the verb bayılmak means, but – and this is an important, albeit pedantic ‘but’ – it also means ‘to be thrilled with’ or ‘enraptured by’ something – ‘to like something greatly’. 528 more words


Yaprak Dolması

I was given some fresh vineleaves from a friend – thank you Angela. Well Angela had kindly brined them for me and popped them in a lovely jar. 576 more words