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Planet of Fire

Peter Grimwade had a lot to accomplish with this story.  It is one of those shopping list briefs that plague the Davison era: write out Turlough, introduce Peri, reintroduce Kamelion and then write him out, fill in Turlough’s background, resolving the mystery of his origins, bring back the Master and kill him off for good (yeah, right) because Anthony Ainley’s contract is coming to an end.  1,940 more words

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Short Trips: Trap for Fools review

A new writer to the Short Trips range (though possibly is the actor who has appeared in many Big Finish releases, including lots of early Benny stories), Stephen Fewell has the distinction of writing for Mark Strickson in the  360 more words

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Warriors of the Deep

Season 21: the worst series of Doctor Who ever made starts here.  It will have its moment of brilliance very soon, but it will be fleeting and then it’s downhill all the way, and the problems have little to do with a lack of time or money.  1,644 more words

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Wild Garlic

Going for a walk around the grounds of Turlough House and the Country Life Museum (County Mayo, Ireland), I saw all these wonderful wild garlic leaves. 20 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge


Long after the viewer has forgotten the details of a television story, the very best will leave a powerful image in the mind.  It is always something unique and special, something that a child will recall as an adult.  1,500 more words

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When I first watched Terminus I hated it.  Subsequently I have re-watched it a few times, with a kind of nagging feeling that there is a good story in there somewhere and I must be missing something, but I still can’t warm to it.  1,433 more words

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Mawdryn Undead

Sometimes things just don’t go according to plan.  There are some Doctor Who stories that are so overshadowed by what might have been that it becomes difficult not to watch them without a sense of disappointment.  1,865 more words

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