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Balancing Act

Big Finish Folly, Part 29e – Equilibrium, by Matt Fitton

Following the trail of the missing Tardis component, the Doctor and his companions crash through an energy barrier and arrive on the bell-jar mini-world of Isenfell, which is locked into a perpetual winter. 477 more words

Doctor Who

Planet of Fire

Here it is, faithful viewer. We’ve waited and wondered, we’ve drunk endless cups of coffee and obsessed over this blasted question. Oh, that’s just me? Well, anyway. 1,066 more words


Wildlife Watching: Rahasane Turlough

One of my 2015 missions is seeing an otter in the wild. That quest brought me to Rahasane Turlough today. For those not familiar with turloughs: they are temporary lakes,caused by flooding during rain heavy times. 109 more words

Resurrection of the Daleks

And a good afternoon to you, faithful viewer! Thanks so much for joining me today (especially since you’ve had to tear yourself away from the new… 985 more words



Afternoon, faithful viewer! Thanks for joining me again today, because we’re going to be reviewing an essentially stupid Doctor Who serial with a very complicated message. 803 more words


The Awakening

Hello hello again, faithful viewer. Thanks for joining me today–we’ll be venturing into a very strange world this time…the world of historical re-enactment. It takes a very unique soul to pursue historical re-enactment; I believe a similar quirk of personality attracts people to LARPing and certain sales positions. 692 more words


Episode 067: Frontios

“The earth is hungry. It waits to eat. I can see them. They are the appetite beneath the ground.”

Mark Strickson now regrets snacking on Daz before shooting his key scenes in the 1984 comedy-woodlice fest, … 140 more words

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