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Long after the viewer has forgotten the details of a television story, the very best will leave a powerful image in the mind.  It is always something unique and special, something that a child will recall as an adult.  1,500 more words

Doctor Who


When I first watched Terminus I hated it.  Subsequently I have re-watched it a few times, with a kind of nagging feeling that there is a good story in there somewhere and I must be missing something, but I still can’t warm to it.  1,433 more words

Doctor Who

Mawdryn Undead

Sometimes things just don’t go according to plan.  There are some Doctor Who stories that are so overshadowed by what might have been that it becomes difficult not to watch them without a sense of disappointment.  1,865 more words

Doctor Who

One book, two trips and The King’s Demons (1983)

Late afternoon, getting dark. I’m on a train, and not a good one either. A red rattler. It’s noisy, there’s no heating and my seat’s lumpy. 1,091 more words

Warriors of the Deep (audiobook)

At Christmas I received an interesting Doctor Who product I’d only recently heard of: Tales from the TARDIS, a collection of classic Doctor Who stories that were novelized and then abridged for audiobook format, read by the actor of the relevant Doctor.  517 more words

Story Review

The Awakening

Evil lurking in a church.  A may queen for sacrifice.  According to Eric Pringle, this was entirely coincidental and he had never actually seen The Daemons… 1,657 more words

Doctor Who

The King's Demons

There was a rumour that persisted for many years that this story was supposed to feature the Monk.  No evidence has ever been found to support the idea, so it is almost certainly incorrect, but you can see why people thought that because the Master’s meddling in history is basically a re-run of… 1,740 more words

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