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The Awakening

Evil lurking in a church.  A may queen for sacrifice.  According to Eric Pringle, this was entirely coincidental and he had never actually seen The Daemons… 1,657 more words

Doctor Who

The King's Demons

There was a rumour that persisted for many years that this story was supposed to feature the Monk.  No evidence has ever been found to support the idea, so it is almost certainly incorrect, but you can see why people thought that because the Master’s meddling in history is basically a re-run of… 1,740 more words

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Audience Identification: Fifth Doctor

This week, I began working on a review for The Visitation when inspiration struck for a weekend article; possibly a series looking at each Doctor’s “Audience Identification Figures”. 1,450 more words

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Stories, swimwear and Planet of Fire (1984)

Put aside, for a moment, the standard line on this story: that its main distinguishing feature is its requirement to incorporate a lengthy wishlist of script elements – your writing out of him, your introducing her, and your specified location of the other. 1,276 more words

Very Brief Doctor Who Reviews - Season Twenty-One

Warriors of the Deep – This story makes me angry at how unbelievably stupid everyone – particularly the Doctor – acts in it The first thing our hero does is cause a nuclear reaction just to get the guards attention. 2,012 more words

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Very Brief Doctor Who Reviews - Season Twenty

Arc of Infinity – You can see why the Doctor left Gallifrey; it really is one of the least interesting planets on the show. Ron Jones’s direction is uninspiring; the scenes filmed on location in Amsterdam are no more interesting than those set in the Gallifreyan airport lounge. 2,128 more words

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Layers upon Layers

Self-portrait with Keyboard and Fandoms (Note Turlough Carolan memorial stone harp necklace … because Harp Fandom is a Thing.)

Life can be complicated. Some parts are Not Fun. 14 more words