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The Awakening

Hello hello again, faithful viewer. Thanks for joining me today–we’ll be venturing into a very strange world this time…the world of historical re-enactment. It takes a very unique soul to pursue historical re-enactment; I believe a similar quirk of personality attracts people to LARPing and certain sales positions. 692 more words


Episode 067: Frontios

“The earth is hungry. It waits to eat. I can see them. They are the appetite beneath the ground.”

Mark Strickson now regrets snacking on Daz before shooting his key scenes in the 1984 comedy-woodlice fest, … 140 more words

Doctor Who

Warriors of the Deep

Well, here we are again, faithful viewer. We’re on the other side of the twentieth anniversary, and it looks like it’s business as usual once again. 803 more words


The King's Demons

Afternoon, faithful viewer! It’s your own prancin’ dancin’ Chance here, and I’m so pleased that you could join me today. Let’s get right to it, shall we? 761 more words



“When you know that all is light, you are enlightened.”

~My teabag this morning

There’s been a sneaky little suspicion lurking in my mind for some time, faithful viewer. 764 more words



So, things are getting dicey here on Doctor Who, faithful viewer. We’ve now got a companion in the TARDIS who is conspiring to kill the Doctor on the orders of the Black Guardian. 827 more words


Mawdryn Undead

Good morning, faithful viewer! I’m so glad you joined me today, because we are about to embark on a very cool story. One quick question before we start, to give you a hint about which old familiar face is appearing in this episode: According to… 1,068 more words