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When was your last 'turn left' moment?

Sometimes the seemingly inconsequential can have lasting impact on our lives.

  • Should I have a blueberry bagel for breakfast for the 10th day in a row?
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contradicting directions

This summer and fall the city center of Baku is a huge construction site as major streets in the center get new lanes. In contrast to the potholes and other hazards on walkways and less important streets, the new roads are now smooth and perfect. 182 more words


Turn Left Issue 7 online

If you missed out on a copy of the the fanzine we produced for the Rockers recent home game against Croydon Roller Derby’s Riot Squad, you can click on the cover above to view the online version. 31 more words

June 29, 2014

As those of you who are extremely observant can see, I’m almost an entire day late in posting my photo for June 29th.  No, I didn’t decide to go exploring and become one with the woods for the past day, I simply wasn’t near a computer.    149 more words


Turn Left

Turn Left is this season’s “Doctor-Lite” episode (filmed alongside the previous “Companion-Lite” episode for convenience, presumably), in which Donna relives an alternative life, a life that would have played out if she’d taken a different path and never met the Doctor, depicted in this case by a literal cross-roads situation. 675 more words

Doctor Who