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Exit 161. A humbling effect.

Nicky Gumbel is a British pastor best known for being one of the people behind Alpha International, the publisher of a series of discussions and Bible studies presenting the basic points of Christianity.   357 more words

Hit Me With Your Best Shot: How To Defeat Satan In Your Life


The Sunday Morning Service

The Sunday Morning Special!

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Hit Me With Your Best Shot:

How To Defeat Satan In Your Life… 80 more words

The Sunday Morning Special

Anger and The Dog

Ten meters ahead of me, a reasonably handsome and well-dressed man is walking his well-groomed dog. Let’s call the dog Rex. Rex is on a leash and like all dogs, takes his time following his master, sniffing along. 694 more words

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Jesus' Subversive Kingdom - Part Ten

“He needs to pay for what he did…” she said almost under her breath. Others in the room nodded in agreement. I just sat there dumbfounded.  884 more words


You Can Go to Hell

“I can’t wait for the Day of Judgement when Jesus is made to stand before Allah, his Lord and Creator. And is made to testify against you infidels. 663 more words


Would you turn the other cheek?

Or would you hit back as hard as you can? You hurt me, I hurt you. War to wage peace and all that crap… Right… but is it working? 1,459 more words


Common Scriptures that Bible-Haters Should Stop Quoting

“Jesus Christ” – This is actually an offense to followers of Christ.  Then again, many people who use this phrase are aware of this.

“Turn the other cheek” 353 more words

Misinterpreted Scriptures