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You Can Go to Hell

“I can’t wait for the Day of Judgement when Jesus is made to stand before Allah, his Lord and Creator. And is made to testify against you infidels. 663 more words


Would you turn the other cheek?

Or would you hit back as hard as you can? You hurt me, I hurt you. War to wage peace and all that crap… Right… but is it working? 1,459 more words


Common Scriptures that Bible-Haters Should Stop Quoting

“Jesus Christ” – This is actually an offense to followers of Christ.  Then again, many people who use this phrase are aware of this.

“Turn the other cheek” 322 more words

Misinterpreted Scriptures

Accidental Meat Grinder

I’m a pretty friendly person who sincerely believes in the value of winning hearts and turning the other cheek, but I do sometimes encounter people who I know within two sentences I’d be happy to accidentally knock into a meat grinder. 40 more words

"But What?"

we have excuses for everything, don’t we? especially when we are wronged or hurt by others. our initial, human response is to return to them “what they’ve got coming!” 75 more words


Silence and Spiritual Authority

But Jesus remained silent.
Matthew 26:63 (NIV)

Just last week, on the 15th of April, the Major Leagues celebrated Jackie Robinson day just as it does every year. 559 more words