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Welcome back! Today’s story is from 1 Samuel 25. This is a story about David and a woman named Abigail.

David and his men were running away from King Saul (again) and they were tired! 452 more words

Capital Punishment in California - an opportunity for grace

By Kristen Johnson

Californians have a big, moral decision to make in November about capital punishment in the state. Voters will decide whether or not to abolish capital punishment in the state, or to speed up executions. 712 more words

The High Road

Over the past few years and especially recently I’ve come to realize that the high road is a lonely place. Few attempt to travel there and if they make it there they don’t stay long. 771 more words

Turn The Other Cheek

As part of the famous ‘Sermon on the Mount’, we read that Yeshua said to ‘turn the other check’:

“You have heard that our fathers were told, ‘Eye for eye and tooth for tooth.’ But I tell you not to stand up against someone who does you wrong. 1,329 more words

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Sermon on the Mount XII: Vengeance and Enemies

Reading: Matthew 5: 38-48

On November 8 1987, 11 people were killed and 63 others injured when an IRA bomb exploded in the Reading Rooms, near a war memorial, in a town called Enniskillen, as the town prepared for it’s Remembrance Sunday service. 3,303 more words


When Should I Turn The Other Cheek?

Jesus rocked the Jewish world (and the world of every reader for the last two thousand years) in His unsettling commandments about loving and serving our enemies.  1,217 more words

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Put Up Thy Sword

The following is Chapter 18 from Samuel Logan Brengle’s book, When the Holy Ghost is Come.

The Sheathed Sword: A Law of the Spirit… 1,546 more words

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