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A good sleep

Is it true that the elderly sleep less? As much as I dislike starting an article about sleep, I wonder about it? So much depends on a good sleep. 572 more words

Gerard Oosterman

WHAT IF ........ we were fooled?

I’m struck by the hurt tones of journalists and political commentators, reporting on Malcolm Turnbull’s support for fossil fuels, the way he has been blaming the recent South Australian blackouts on over-use and unreliabilty of renewable energy sources, and his snipes at Labor and the Greens for supporting more renewables, his willingness to give a green light to Adani to dig up Aboriginal lands and pollute the Great Barrier Reef, and so on and so on. 165 more words


Move over Rover, the renewables are coming.

The Prime Minister of Australia is twisting and turning to appease the extreme right in fighting against renewable energy. One  climate change sceptic, Mr Morrison, even took a piece of coal to parliament. 489 more words

Gerard Oosterman

Turnbull: From Diamond to Deviant. Oh! How He Has Fallen

I felt sick today. Truly sick. Malcolm Turnbull dangled people with disabilities as political pawns. He used vulnerable people as pawns to pressure Labor to support harsh cuts to welfare or he would hold off on the NDIS. 661 more words

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The US-Australia Refugee Deal: Refugee Lives Matter.

It has been an adjustment period, to say the least, for a number of the world’s political leaders with the election of Donald Trump to what most consider the highest office in the globe. 559 more words


NO Prime Minister


Australian Prime Minister is very rich!

Less well known, PM Malcolm Turnbull’s also very sensitive about advertising the extent of his wealth. 339 more words

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How Would You Rule Your Country?

I know a lot of people who are currently really angry with the current Australian Prime Minister. They are disgusted with his behaviour and how he seemingly supports Mr. 388 more words