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Shorten Blames Poor Leadership for Gleeson Resignation

BILL SHORTEN is calling¬†into question Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership, claiming the Solicitor- General Justin Gleeson has been “tormented into resignation” by Attorney-General George Brandis.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten says he found the news of Justin Gleeson’s resignation as ‘shameful’ and ‘ruthless’. 375 more words


Turnbull won't act, gone to the dogs!

People want action from Turnbull bring on the gay plebicite, abolish section 18C of Racial Discrimination Act, increase interest rates on bank savings, reduce welfare, kick more deadbeats out of the country, action we need.

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Turnbull to kick arse over paid parental leave!

Crackdown on welfare, paid paternity leave is a cop out any way. You want a kid you pay for it. Why should the tax payer subsidise a bunch of people to have kids?

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Shorten to propose marriage to Turnbull, Marriage Act to be amended!

Again we have the tail wagging the dog. There is but a small number of people who might be called homosexual. However, there a grab bag of dupes, dopes, deadbeats, and make-believe gay hangers-on who revel in the loose morals of the gay scene. 56 more words

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Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull Speaking of How the Relationship Between both Countries has "Flourished"

By Rachel Au-Yong
The Straits Times

CANBERRA – Australia is more than 10,000 times the size of Singapore, and has abundant natural resources, while Singapore has none. 1,399 more words

Matthew Henry Pinder

Matthew Henry Pinder is my great grandfather and son of Francis Pinder and Hannah Berry.

Matthew was born in September 1869 in Waterworks House, at the junction of Frederick Street and Howard Street, Rotherham and lived in and around central Rotherham for all of his life; living on Frederick Street, Carlisle Street, Milton Road and Bethel Road. 1,054 more words