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The Unguarded Moment

A good friend “in the know” about the recent leadership spill, referred to it as an “iceberg”; what is visible above the surface, is a fraction of what lies beneath. 358 more words

Climate Wankathon Begins

In the lead up to the Paris climate conference, I suggested that Obama thought people in Syria wouldn’t be so angry if global warming hadn’t made it  377 more words



I really believed Obama had won the Dumbest trophy over Australia’s PM Turbull but Prince Charles has certainly earned the right to proudly walk away with the trophy as being the DUMBEST muckety muck. 111 more words


Malcolm Turnbull slaps down the military option in Syria, calls for compromise

Malcolm Turnbull believes “pragmatism and compromise” is the key to Syria and the terrorism it fuels, as an unstated international consensus emerges which could see a temporary reprieve for the brutal dictator President Basharal-Assad, leaving him in place while a new power-sharing arrangement is constructed… 13 more words


The Turnbull Government’s Response to the Financial System Inquiry.

The Government has adopted all but one of the 44 recommendations of the Financial System Inquiry (FSI) all of which had received wide support as being necessary policy changes. 1,424 more words


Long live King Charles? An Australian republic is in Turnbull's hands for now

Benjamin T. Jones, Western Sydney University

The first time a British royal came to visit Australia he was shot. Prince Alfred survived the assassination attempt in 1868 and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital was named in his honour. 1,045 more words


Australian PM: Dog Who Caught Bus He Was Chasing

UPDATE: Turnbull wants to do a deal with the DevilMalcolm must be insane if he thinks cutting a deal will satisfy Islamic State.   This deal could possibly cede the Islamic State its own territory. 578 more words