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Visual Echo: A Study of Objects & Bodies In Motion

Image: Gif from Choros, Directed by Michael Langan and Terah Maher
with music by Steve Reich. Choros pursues the proposition − beyond filming the dance − of filming the music itself, through the transformation of the body, object or gesture into sound, into instrument. 1,013 more words

Turner Prize Winning Artist Douglas Gordon Takes Ax to Theater After Bad Review

1996 Turner Prize winning artist Douglas Gordon wasn’t pleased about the reception of his new play Neck of the Woods at the inaugural Manchester International Film Festival so he axed it. 233 more words


A Turner Prize-winning artist went on an axe rampage after receiving bad reviews

It can be pretty tough to deal with criticism, but people need to learn to block out the haters.

Unfortunately, Turner Prize-winning artist Douglas Gordon, 48, felt slightly sensitive after his work was panned by critics. 262 more words


Duncan Campbell

Michael Lanigan profiles Irish video artist Duncan Campbell, winner of the 2014 Turner prize. His winning piece, ‘It For Others’, and other works are currently on show at IMMA. 696 more words


Assemble: Granby Four Streets and Cairns Street in Toxteth, Liverpool

Type ‘Toxteth R…’ into Google and two divergent roads present themselves. The first is ‘Toxteth Riots’, a road leading to empty terraces haunted by the ghost of Margaret Thatcher. 546 more words


The Brutalist Playground

This summer, RIBA’s The Brutalist Playground will be open to the public as part of the London Festival of Architecture.

Designed as both a sculpture and an architectural installation, this immersive work of art is part of a new commission by the Turner Prize, architecture collective Assemble, and artist Simon Terrill. 89 more words