Turner Syndrome Awareness Month

February isn’t just about Valentines Day. It’s also Turner Syndrome Awareness Month. This is something I hadn’t heard off until about 9 years ago when I met my step-niece. 328 more words



The little human in the image above is named Sophia, and she is my youngest daughter. She was born with a rare disorder known as Turner Syndrome which you can read all about  274 more words


One. Month. Left.

Welp. We’ve got a month. Exactly one month from today.

Unless you ask my wife, who’s ready and willing to push this baby out NOW. If you read my… 499 more words

Guest Post: Gabriella's Story

I am honoured to share the following guest post by fellow loss mama Shanecia Cadena. Any comments or questions for the author can be sent to  740 more words


A year ago last night the pains were beginning. The pain was much-anticipated and at the same time, much feared. Unlike the five other times labor had begun for me, this time brought a new sense of angst and worry coupled with prayerful hope and peace. 1,032 more words


Our Story (part 1: Pregnancy and Birth)

I tell people all the time that conversations with me don’t always make sense unless I tell “Our Story,” so here it is.  Let’s start at the beginning. 490 more words