Sleepless Nights and Vomit Covered Days

I don’t know if anyone else has had to go through this, but since about 3 months old our lovely little lady has been a teething monster. 574 more words

Hope on the Horizon

We’re cautiously optimistic.”  That is not a sentence we ever thought would be uttered at any point after the initial prognosis.

Three weeks ago we were given some pretty grim news regarding our Phoebe.   1,294 more words

No One Brings a Casserole When You Have a Miscarriage: Part 1

I was pregnant… and then I wasn’t and we aren’t okay. We got pregnant very easily, with the honeymoon baby we had been planning. I was sure it would take months of trying with my health history, but it didn’t. 2,001 more words


No One Brings a Casserole When You Have a Miscarriage: Part 2

The emotional side of the loss is something that is in constant conflict with our culture’s treatment of miscarriages, stillbirths and infant losses. Each one of those losses comes with unique struggles and feelings and even within each category, no two are alike. 889 more words


Hope in the Heartache

“I don’t expect she’ll make it another two weeks. Her hygroma has grossly increased in size. There’s nothing we can do.”

The words came out of his mouth with as much pain as that with which they poured into my heart.   1,190 more words

Special clinic provides care, connections and fun for girls with Turner Syndrome

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Most of us don’t expect a party when we go to a doctor’s appointment, but that’s exactly what girls with one medical condition get. 334 more words


Parenting God's Special Blessings

Eleven years ago today, God gave us a very special blessing. We named her Faith, and that was before we knew how much her name fit. 685 more words

Hope's Happenings