Video: Turner Syndrome Explained

In honour of Turner Syndrome Awareness Month coming to an end once again, I made a little video about the condition.


Morgan & Lola

Morgan & Lola’s Pregnancy and Delivery Story:

Here is my pregnancy and birth story of Lola Jeanne. For a reason that is unknown, Alec and I have only been able to conceive through Ivf. 754 more words


Jenna & Vivian

Jenna and Vivian Pregnancy and Delivery Story:

My pregnancy with Vivian was very special for Andy & I because we had suffered a miscarriage, then struggled to get pregnant for two years. 212 more words


Avery- 8 Month Update

8 months 💓
Avery is now crawling at lightning speeds, into EVERYTHING, loves giving high fives, and constantly babbling. She is still determined to stand and walk all over but luckily hasn’t mastered it quite yet. 90 more words


Kylie & Karaline

Kylie & Karaline’s Turner Syndrome Journey: Pregnancy Story

I had always dreamed of having a girl and so did my husband. After 4 boys, we decided to try one more time. 408 more words


Overcoming Obstacles

Turner Syndrome Awareness Post: Overcoming Obstacles

We have been blessed beyond measure and luckily have had very minor obstacles to face with Avery. Let’s be honest though, the fact that only 2% of girls diagnosed with T.S. 442 more words


Turner Syndrome Awareness Month

Hi! Back again!

So, February is Turner Syndrome Awareness Month, so I just thought I’d do a little post to explain why I think Turner Syndrome Awareness Month is so important. 386 more words