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Letter to 24, from 23

I sit on the eve of meeting you, and I’m at a loss for words. Speechless to the growth and knowledge and pain and triumph that has happened leading up to you. 608 more words

Be The Vessel


I’m at the point where my birthday doesn’t even excite me anymore and think of it as just another day.

Turning 24 but I’m not even excited for real. 27 more words


Turning 24

Note: Blogging since 2008, and I’ve never written a birthday post for myself. So, this is pretty much just me talking to myself. Psssss.. I’d let you listen too.  527 more words


Thoughts on Turning 24

There was a time when bloggers making excuses for posting irregularly used to put me off. I’d shake my head and promise to be different. Oh, how the tables have turned! 560 more words

Blogger Diary

Turning 24!

Life is interesting, With each passing year it brings with it some wonderful experiences, some of which are experienced for the first time. And those experiences bring along with it some confusion as well as excitement! 828 more words

If We Were Having Coffee: Life Lessons at 24

Welcome to my first coffee post of 2017! My birthday was this weekend so I figured it’d only be fitting to use a coffee cake image for this post. 1,090 more words