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So this is adulthood?

Older adult humans like to warn you about adulthood when you’re younger. You know, like the ones holding a long cigarette between their fingers and a glass of wine in the other, with a raspy voice saying, “You’re gonna miss these days. 791 more words


Turning 24!!!

Everyone has opinion on every little thing. While the world is busy finding out and giving their views on “Modi government”, “Terrorist Attacks”,”Things to do before you get married”, “10 Places that must be visited around the world”, “Diet tips” and many other important topics; something that is bothering me away from all these thoughts is the very idea of me turning 24! 198 more words

20 Something: Turning 24

I turned 24 yesterday. It didn’t really feel like a big thing. I never really concentrate much on birthdays. My friends gave me some new records, so that was pretty sweet. 385 more words

20 Something

Quarter-life Bucket List

I follow the most random people on Instagram (VERY different from stalking, mind you) and recently, one of them went on a solo trip to Sri Lanka. 523 more words


OOTD Birthday Edition!

15th October was my birthday and here’s my outfit of the day for my special day!

I wanted the overall look to be sleek and stylish with only a dash of fun. 769 more words

La Belle Chéri

It's called "getting your sh*t together".

Something happened two weeks ago when I was laying in my bed one night unable to sleep and looking at my phone. It had passed midnight and I caught a glimpse of the date – exactly two weeks until my birthday. 616 more words


Turning 24: it's exciting as it sounds

I am not complaining about being in my twenties (because that kind of  “quarter-life crisis” nonsense makes everybody over the age of thirty want to punch you in the face, for years if necessary, until you become thirty yourself) but I would like to dwell on how not-special turning 24 is. 643 more words