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24th Birthday Celebrations

Last Weekend I celebrated my 24th Birthday with a few of my Girlfriends. I’m not really into celebrating my own Birthday, but this year I changed that!  443 more words


Happy Birthday To Me (Or Turning 24 In Korea)

A strange thing happened to me when I moved to Korea. I lost my entire early 20’s. How, you ask? Well, dear reader, I shall tell you! 238 more words


Today is Ma Birfday!

Woohoo!!! Since I’m not 23 anymore someone might actually like me (refer to the Blink-182 song if you have no idea what I’m talking about). Anyways, I know everyone makes new years resolutions on new year’s, but I think they should be made on your birthday. 336 more words


The Insatiable 24

I enter the 25th year of my life. Fingers crossed. I am not sure how the first 23 went by, but this 24th simply rang my bell. 186 more words


24 things I should do in the following year

I’m sorry everyone for not writing for awhile. After I graduated from my university, my mind turned towards traveling home to the west coast and finding out what I should now do with my life. 326 more words

(in.deed) 24 Things

24 Things

by: Katleho Mohono

For my 24th Birthday Celebration I was challenged by a friend of mine to put together a list of 24 things that I would like to share with my friends. 228 more words