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On the Occasion of my Sister's 30th Birthday

November 21st 2015

On this day 30 years ago, I was a nearly 15 year-old freshman in high school. I was crossing the courtyard when my name was paged over the intercom to come to the office. 658 more words



The countdown is on – I have just over two months and I am 30! I can’t believe that this is happening…

I can remember being a teenager and being excited about being in my 20s, with all of the things to come. 462 more words


You Came Down The Stairs In A Red-Print Dress

“How pretty you look!” your mother exclaimed.

You didn’t answer her.

I have to confess … I don’t like you very much. You’re sullen and rude and not at all appreciative of this 30th birthday party your mother is giving you. 397 more words


An 'Un-Personal' Life-Update: Turning 30, Crashing and Rising

“Can I have a life update from you?”, says a good friend from Japan.

“Of course” and “soon”, I reply halfheartedly as I know that my thoughts are currently far too confused, far too mottled to provide any kind of coherent explanation of where I currently lie in life. 1,089 more words

The Secret to Adulting

It’s my birthday today! TODAY.

I’m celebrating my the second anniversary of my 29th birthday, or for those of you still following along, the big 3-0. 119 more words


Note to Self #8 – This Too Shall Pass

Dear T,

A very Happy Belated Birthday and a Happy Belated Diwali and a Prosperous New Year! This year, your birthday coincided with Diwali which made everything everything so special and festive. 594 more words


Note to Self #7 – Don't Be Afraid To Embrace Yourself

Dear T,

There are 7.3 billion people in this world and none of them is you. We are all different identities with different thought and behavioural patterns. 685 more words