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The Millennial Crisis: Turning 30

So of course I had to come back from this long hiatus with an epic topic. ­čśĆ

I have been so busy!! New job, new places traveled, new weather season, new clothes, etc., etc. 547 more words


Amsterdam, my love.

Can you imagine the excitement of a mother who is flying to her favourite city for 48 hours? Take it and add to it a wife who hasn’t spoken properly with her husband in six months for preschooler interruptions, rocking baby motions and up-all-night-feeding tiredness. 1,090 more words

Turning 30

8 Spot-On Reasons Introverts Win At Turning 30

Because in the grand race to the La-Z-Boy store, you are winning in more ways than one. Eight, actually.

1. Being crafty

You know those people you meet who are unnaturally good at something really dramatic, like archery or taxidermy? 716 more words

Feliz Cumplea├▒os

This is a story about nothing… Like Seinfeld… But without Seinfeld.

But it is actually a story about friends and turning 30…

Last night, ten of us ventured out for an evening of cold drinks, melted cheese, and shaved prosciutto. 171 more words

30 things I've learned by age 30

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog lately. I’ve been busy preparing for (and, let’s be honest, freaking out a little over) my 30th birthday. 1,306 more words


When you stop ageing...you're dead - Turning 30 with no place in the world.

I’m not quite sure what it is, but like many of us, I have never quite felt able to mold myself into the archetypal citizen. The house, the car, the dog and the tribe of little James jnr’s (i think personally, one of me is quite enough). 754 more words


even weeds can be pretty #UGBlogWeek

You could have said that in an email, she said while glancing at her cup.

I could have, but I wanted to see you… 915 more words

Confessions Of My Soul