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Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson (a short review?)

I have been reading  Kate Hudson’s book Pretty Happy since around June of 2016. The past two weeks I decided to dedicate myself to reading it every day. 235 more words

30 Wishes I Have For My 30th Birthday (Because Getting Older Should Make Us All More Hopeful)

Today I turn 30. Here’s what I wish for my birthday this year, but nonetheless for the upcoming years. Feel free to take upon yourself any of these wishes, send them over to people in your life who might need wishful thinking right now, or simply read this list over when tough times come: 822 more words

Turning 30

Hit 200 workouts tracked today, the last day before turning 30. (In my most favorite gym tank! http://www.armtheanimals.com 54 more words

Why I have been lying about my age for years

I have been lying about my age for years. I know it’s a huge stereotype about women, but bear with me – it might not be what you think. 758 more words


So how's it all going?

Hi all,

Hope you’re all good?

I’ve just sat down to look at the goals that I set myself to see what I had been following: 517 more words


Dawn to Happy Thirties

As age 30 dawns on the horizon, it is the American Woman’s wake-up call. When the first streaks of light appear around 27, most of us continue on our way, getting up raising children or climbing the next rung in the ladder of our career. 919 more words

Aging Well

360 Months | The day before I turned 30

By Dr Deth

It’s the final day before I turn 30.

Time flies, but anyone with a reasonably active Facebook news feed knows that.

Knocking on the door of the geriatric club of 30 and above, you surely feel bizarre. 375 more words