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OMG I'm 30.

As I sit here reminiscing on my years of prime – my 20s – I think about how everyone always says your 30s are your best years.  801 more words


The bAw Turns 30

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For a few months before my birthday this year, I had this dreaded feeling that I was getting older and what did I really have to show for the 29 years I’d walked this earth? 1,437 more words

Black African Woman

I Actually Do Things: Art Gallery & Drunk Feminist Films

This year I wrote down New Years Goals for the first time in my life. I was influenced in part by one of my best girls, K., who always approaches the New Year strategically and mindfully. 645 more words

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Sisters & Daughters & Turning 30

I will be 30 years old in 15 days.  I can remember when my mother turned 30.  Back then, at the age of ten, 30 seemed so far away.   622 more words

Lessons on turning 30

By Jess Procter

Thirty isn’t old— let’s get that out of the way. Maybe it’s because I spent the last decade serving regulars who were all over 50 and, in comparison, I still feel like I’m treading water in the fountain of youth. 1,497 more words


Ultra Birthday

30 miles. 30th birthday. January 30. The perfect set up for reaching a new decade and attempting a first ultra marathon. Four months of minimalist-inspired training and after quick hugs from Cristina (mega-talented sister), Rachel (a close friend since college), Jackie whom I know through Rachel, and Jen (wife extraordinaire), off I ran from Franklin Steele Park in Minneapolis. 1,347 more words


30x30 Challenge: Update #1

Last week I set out on a Maker’s expedition and challenged myself to make 30 things by my 30th birthday. As the (fateful) day approaches, I am pleased to report that I have made some good progress in the last week. 260 more words

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