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"My Other Self?"*

Here I am again. Glad to be getting something out of my brain and onto the page but still scared out of my mind about this. 1,208 more words

On turning 30 and being thankful

I just turned 30 and it’s weird. It’s supposed to be a big deal. People keep asking me how I feel now that I’m 30. I feel like all of a sudden I am walking around with a number on my head that everyone can see. 362 more words


Birthdays and old age

Tomorrow is my birthday. If you know me in real life (as opposed to internet life) then you will already know that I am insanely excited about it. 431 more words

Home Life

Men Emotionally Mature 11 Years After Women. 30 Maturity Checks for Turning 30

I turn 30 this Monday. Does that make me a man? Rhetorical question. I’d like to believe I’ve been a man for a while, but it turns out that… 778 more words

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On Expectations and Turning 30

I expected a lot of things about the 30’s. I mean, I didn’t enter my 20’s thinking: hey, I’m going to create a really odd belief system about people older than me… 583 more words

Choosing Love&Laughter


And just like that…I’m 30.

Actually, no, I don’t feel that way at all! :) But really, I’ve already been asked quite a few times in my 3 and a half days as a 30-year-old, “What does it… 944 more words


The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (10/05/15)

Who got married the fastest?  We ask you about your age to fill this in: “Now that you are _____ you can no longer _____ like you used to.” Plus, a hilarious listener poll! 75 more words