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Is a woman “middle-aged” at 30? 40? 50? Japanese men and women give different answers in poll

You may have heard that Japan is obsessed with youth, which is ironic for a country with an ageing population , this is ironic. In fact, Japan is purported to have the highest proportion of elderly citizens compared to all other countries. 583 more words


30 days.

Within thirty days I will turn 30 years old. Most people dread this number. I look forward to it. I must honestly admit, I’m starting to enjoy this thing called “ageing”. 421 more words


Changing Decades: I'm OK with not Turning 29 Again

“Are you terrified of turning 30?” my lovable Gallery Coordinator asked me when she realized by birthday was a few days away.

“Terrified! Try ecstatic!” I replied with a little skip. 931 more words


This is Thirty, Plus One

I spent almost an entire year working up to being ready to turn 30, and most of that time was filled with dread. Once I arrived, (well- after recovering from that party…IT WAS A GREAT PARTY,) I settled into it nicely. 338 more words

Turning 30


Waking up today feeling refreshed; simple gifts like the opportunity to sleep in are what I appreciate now. It’s not that I feel older because I still feel so young inside with so much to learn. 388 more words


5 Reminders for the Future Thirty-Something

I just turned 30, like just now, and without the privilege of using my 20s as an excuse, I knew that questions about planning a family, owning various symbols of thirty-something success and transitioning into the American definition of ‘adulthood’ would undoubtedly emerge. 626 more words


Dear Zoey: To my former child self

About a year and a half ago I started a personal blog of letters to my daughter. It was a way for me to deal with the transition of preschool-hood to  437 more words