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What you need to know about turning 30!

So its my birthday in a couple of days and I find there is nothing like a Birthday to make you reflect on life! I could pretend this is me turning 30 but alas I can’t lie, I have actually been lingering in 30 something territory for a while now! 696 more words

In with a BANG

First real post on the blog and I am going big! HA

So, I just turned 30. Milestone birthday! AND I got to celebrate it BIG! 546 more words

A little bit about turning 30 years young

I remember first moving to the city ten years ago and never thinking that I would still be here when I turned 30. Yet, here I am. 702 more words


A winding path to financial freedom

It’s said that success isn’t a straight line and the same can be said for the state of my personal finances. Having been quite strict with budgeting and saving, over the past six months I’ve found myself falling asleep at the wheel. 582 more words

Finance Matters

Am I a fuck-up at 30?

Next year I’ll turn 30. As I enter the last year of my twenties, I find myself to be more reflective than usual, more inwards-looking and, honestly, more depressed. 797 more words


Dressed up in LOVE!

Have you ever been in a room full of people and still felt alone? Have you ever been searching for a place of belonging but just couldn’t fit in. 210 more words

Farewelling my twenties

Oh how life just passes you by! One minute you’re playing ‘mum’ with dolls and teddies and the next you have your own beautiful bubba wailing at you to feed them immediately. 282 more words