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Reflections: Turning 30

Notes on some lessons I’ve learnt in life so far.

On Life

  1. Don’t regret or resent your hardships. It builds your character and provides a potential foundation for a strong work ethic.
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35 life lessons from adulthood

I recently looked at the myriad post drafts I haven’t touched in years, and I found one that I sort of like. Granted, I am no longer almost-30, but newly 35, but I like much of what I started here. 1,132 more words

Jac On Jac

Turning 30: Growing pains...

I don’t think anything prepares you for turning 30. I wasn’t prepared. Despite all the plans I had to mourn that never came to pass, I was honestly not prepared for anything else that I went through before I hit the “triple threat”. 400 more words

Black Girl Blog

Where I begin

Today I will start writing. I don’t know how often, I don’t know how much, and I don’t know if anyone will read this, but none of that matters… because today, I will write for me. 153 more words

Adult Life

On turning 30

If you’ve ever been under 30, or still are, then you haven’t done much with your life yet.

You were born, washed, fed, raised, clothed, read at, read at some more, scolded at, praised, at a friend’s sleepover, driven to your best friend’s birthday party, driven from your mother and father’s wings, taken to the doctor, going to your first day of high school, taken someone or taken to on a date, drinking for the first time at a new friend’s birthday party, slept under the stars by yourself, being bullied, graduating for high school, went to university, made happy by true friends and cool beers, smoking your first joint, getting your mind blown by proper sex and none of that hanky-panky above-the-shirt high school bullshit, finishing your tertiary studies, busy losing your mind and losing your heart, finding love again, marrying the love of your life and  realizing the love of your life has as many flaw as you have, working in a crappy job and going to bed early, dreaming and then waking up and panicking because you were wasting time not following your passions, being disappointed at the time you have wasted by not spending more time with people that you loved, spending more time with the people you love. 190 more words

Lamenting Life

30 kilometers and 30 years

The Birch Bay 30k

The Birch Bay 30k is a small, well-organized road race that takes you along the bay south of Blaine, Washington.  The area is picturesque in a rugged, PNW way and is located about 2 hours north of Seattle. 641 more words


A New Decade

Sitting here on the eve of my 30th birthday, I don’t feel how I thought I would.

I thought I’d feel anxious… sad… old, even. 390 more words