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Rock Faces, Silent Voices

Firewood, food and gas Make it last Make it last. Firewood, food and gas Don’t forget a flask.

As rooks on a chessboard, we move up, down and all across the West. 522 more words


Age is Only a Number, Or is It?

by Nancy Bestor

I celebrated a milestone birthday earlier this year, and although most of my real friends tell me I don’t look a day over 39, every now and then I get a not so gentle reminder that I am no spring chicken. 365 more words

Travel Stories

Shadows of the Past

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written anything.  It feels as though I’m letting you all down, but my writing just seems to have become redundant: … 922 more words


Coyotes and Wild Turkey

Boating at Priest Lake

Like Pitch on the Pine…

Like pitch on the pine, Priest Lake stuck with me, seeped in my soul and lingered in my heart – even after 25 years of absence. 652 more words


How to Be 50‎

On growing up in childish times

An essay for my‏ ‏‎50th‏ ‏Birthday (in 50 short blog-posts)‎ 6,040 more words


Just Dabbling in Bucket Lists

I was on a very low key staycation a couple of weeks ago, having had a medical treatment, didn’t have much energy to do much and I’m afraid I suffered from cabin fever and got quite bored.   356 more words


Where I Come From

It’s impossible to consider this impending milestone of turning 50 without some introspection and reflection on my roots–where I come from.  For the past few weeks, our church has been doing a sermon series on the Ten Commandments and this morning’s sermon was on the fifth Commandment “Honor your father and your mother.” Consideration of this Godly directive seems to coincide with my contemplation on my life as part of my Fifty Days to Fifty.  1,003 more words

Turning 50