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Internal Struggle

I often confuse myself. I battle depression seemingly on an hour to hour basis. Sometimes I’m fine and other times not so much. I have wondered sometimes what is the point of life and living, but on the other hand, I fear death. 250 more words


cooking up sunday "gravy" memories

My father’s mother, my paternal grandmother was not an easy woman. She was incredibly strong, the oldest breast cancer survivor I ever knew (savage mastectomy in the 1940s, lived into her 90s), and her relationships, including with all of us was a complicated relationship at best. 2,190 more words


Do we need a holiday to say "I love you?"

As I get older, I see things so differently.  Although I dreaded turning 50 a few (several) years back, I am now comfortably settled into my 50’s and loving the wisdom that comes with age.   1,269 more words

Surprise! You're 50!

Just this past weekend, (as I am writing this story), I finished up driving our little red sports car from Sacramento to Phoenix.  The car is a 2000 Mazda Miata with still under 30,000 miles on it.  1,169 more words


Seasons Change for Us

Yesterday, my wife of nearly seventeen years turned fifty years old (Happy Birthday! Love you! Mwah!). I still have nearly three years before I’ll be able to say the same. 253 more words


I present to you .....a bankie!

My friend, Liesl van der Rede (on the photograph), has the perfect balance between work and play!  She knows how to enjoy life!!

Shortly after I met Liesl, it happened more than once that I would phone and ask if it was convenient for her to talk.  263 more words


The Joy of Snow Eaters -- Defining the second half of life

By Amanda Cleary Eastep

The young girl was standing in the snow, wearing only pajamas and snow boots.

My car had just rounded the curve in the road that separates our condos from the apartments. 1,447 more words

Things That Do NOT Begin With F