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Who Put That Gray Hair There?

I was looking at myself in the mirror before leaving to work and huh…what is that? Could it be? Oh my goodness! It’s a gray hair in my eyebrow! 130 more words

Vagina Rules

This is too much. Facebook, world news, local news, all of it. Real. Real shit going down that the ‘news’ isn’t telling us, that we can see and hear every day. 344 more words

old friends

Life is sometimes this windy path that takes you away from people, and then leads you back to them.

From the time we are little children, people are in and out of our lives for any multitude of reasons. 843 more words

Chester County

unexpected memories of childhood past

I saw the notice of a house sale on a Facebook yard sale group page for West Chester. What caught my eye was the print above. 472 more words


2 Days in Christchurch (part 1)

Christchurch is the town that made me. I was born here. Grew up here. Shambled into adulthood here. And while I have nearly spent more time living away from my home than in it, Otautahi contains my greatest trove of formative memories. 695 more words


It's all or nothing

Afrikaans verskyn na die Engels

“Massages? Nope – not for me. I’d rather spend the money on eating out.”

You may disagree completely, but this has always been my opinion of massages!  993 more words


From the devil's point

Here I am, in Punta del Diablo, 11,000 km from the British Isles, watching the rain sweep across the seascape in north east Uruguay. I have just turned 50. 470 more words

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