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Turning 50

“What do you want to do for your 50th birthday?” my wife asked me. “What, I’m turning 50?” was my reply. Even my mother and father were surprised when they realized I would be 50 this month! 628 more words


The Year of Me

Wow. That sounds kind of narcissistic, now that I see it in front of me. “The Year of Me.” Who does that?

Well, I do. Or I will, soon. 621 more words

To dye or not to dye...musings of a 50 year old

I started dying my hair in 1995. I didn’t need to, I wasn’t grey, but I tried it and I liked it. I have dyed it ever since that time. 717 more words


Life After 50

I read the other day that only a couple generations ago, it was not unusual for lifespans to go just a little past 60.  That makes the subject of this post all the more interesting. 687 more words

Green Corduroy and Jumping Castles

I’m turning fifty. FIF-TEE. FITTY. 5-O.

Of course there should be a big party. My twin and I have not had a party together since we were 12. 326 more words


~ No Sharesies ~

I’m not a fan of sharing. There, I said it.

More specifically, I’m not always a fan of sharing. I can be very protective of my stuff, my friends, my personal space, my time, especially when others treat them carelessly. 952 more words

Rolling Over

Well the day has finally arrived and I have rolled over the half century mark this morning at 12:06 AM and having made it this far I thought I would share some thoughts on this occasion. 1,116 more words

Notes From The Margin