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Apprenticeship with death

The 50s are a precarious decade for me. Although my great-grandmother lived into her nineties, and I might too, my mother, my grandmother, my aunt and my uncle all died in their 50s, as did a dear, dear friend, just last winter, and a colleague in a freak accident, and my best buddy from Junior High with whom I lost touch and only found via her obituary, and a sister I only met once who was just a year older than me and who I’d always dreamed of knowing and who died 6 months (6 months!) before I’d even heard. 316 more words

Lanscape Of Loss

My Dog Hawk

This is Hawk. He’s my dog. He might be 2 or 4 or somewhere in-between. Personally I think he’s 2ish because he seems to have numerous puppy like qualities. 635 more words

Turning 50

A place at home, just for Mom

New flooring

Sofa and wallart

Office space

Kallax by IKEA

Transform your children’s playroom into mom’s private hobby room and office.

Adapting your home to suit your family’s needs is essential in order maintain some form of organization in your home. 624 more words


Starting the Three Capes Track adventure in Tasmania

I’m back from the wilds of Tasmania! And clearly WE MADE IT. But oh my goodness was it a long, hard slog.

We met in Hobart, and spent a night comparing pack sizes, 626 more words

Over 50

Magic, Mystery, New Mexico

At a Texaco in New Mexico
I learned what desolate means
From the back roads to the coach roads
And everything in between
It’s a place of past dreams… 727 more words

You Turned 50. Did You Get Your AARP Letter Yet?

Nothing is as depressing as turning 50 and getting a letter from AARP in the mail wanting you to join their association. Yes, I said it, AARP. 309 more words

50th birthday party

Yesterday was my 50th birthday and I had a wonderful evening celebrating with over 50 family and friends in a small local hotel. These are a few pics…

Middle Age