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WEEK 52 / 19 JUNE - 25 JUNE 2015

358 FRIDAY 19 JUNE 2015 (-8)

Seasons of Love – Rent Original Broadway Cast


Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes; well, more like five hundred fifteen thousand five hundred and twenty minutes. 2,736 more words


6 Great Things About Turning 50

Turning 50 is a big moment in your life, but it can be depressing. Well, cheer up! There’s no need to worry.

Here are 6 great things about hitting the big 5-0. 323 more words


3 miles...not 4

I did it!   I ran last night.   I wasn’t able to do 4 but I did do 3….and man oh man was it U-G-L-Y.   I’ve been sick with an upper respiratory cold…for those of us afflicted with asthma, the added fun that comes with having a cold is most awesome….and to add to that …I’ve been smoking a lot lately (not recommended for asthmatics)…I don’t smoke all the time, just whenever I drink…but like lately, that’s been every day that ends in “y.”   I’m a frigg’n mess!! 180 more words


50 phrases I didn’t hear on my 50th birthday

  1. Preternaturally young looking
  2. “50 is the new 49.”
  3. “How lucky to have been born in the sixties but have absolutely no memories of them.”
  4. Wunderkind…
  5. 360 more words

Molly at Fifty

Fifty is the new forty-nine!  Plus three hundred and sixty-five days.

Molly Salterelli has been saying these words to herself over and over the past few months.  424 more words

on fifty (?!)



Fifty shmifty
It’s not as if-ty
I’m so old
I can’t be nifty

Sure my joints
Might be more stiff-ty
My penmanship
quite hyrophlyph-ty… 67 more words

Just Ponderin'

Words, thoughts and other non-cohesive ramblings

I’m one of those people who can’t turn her brain off, or her body for that matter.  The concept of stillness and quiet is usually stressful to me.   612 more words

Turning 50