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As our little group gathered into a bouquet of faces that represented so many poignant things to me– constancy, enduring relationship, shared history, valued friendship, unique interpersonal alchemies– I realized once again the value of  252 more words


Deconstructing Me

I guess as you can tell by my tagline, I’m turning 50 this December.  Woo hoo!  I’m not one of those who dreads getting older.    I’m proud of each sprouting grey hair – wish they’d come in one great big sweep in the front instead of  random wiry frizzle frazzles –   but each one comes at a price. 794 more words

The Gathering

Breakfast: a sip of blue and alpenglow, followed by a swath of mango-sky and mountain melt, then finished off with a sorbet of sunrise.

Mmmmm . 169 more words


To Swamp It or Not to Swamp It

I’m going on a trip in a few weeks with some amazing people. This trip offers me the opportunity to celebrate half a century on this planet in style. 402 more words

Other Thoughts

Getting older

Tonight I felt like writing but wanted to be challenged by being given a topic by someone else, so I asked my Facebook friends and family and beautiful Noma suggested I write about getting older. 458 more words

The Big Five O

I’m counting down the days to the big 50. Why there is such an emphasis on reaching that particular milestone? There is no big 21, 40, 65, or 100. 883 more words

My beautiful balloon!

I was turning 50, and one day while out on my patio I looked up to see one of those beautiful hot air balloons floating freely across my field of vision.  545 more words