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Day 6... and I digress

It’s a gloomy, rainy day and that kind of fits my mood.  I was hoping it would be a nice day, although I don’t have any plans anyway.   515 more words

Turning 50

Drinking water

Unneccessary title, right? That’s what I thought too until I read an article that had 10 steps on how to do it!  Seriously, 10 steps.  So I go off the prompt grid with this one in an attempt to be funny (or maybe just sarcastic).   458 more words

Turning 50


Today one of my younger cousins told me, with some hesitation, that she was 50. My immediate response was “No way! You’re catching up girl.” We laughed. 398 more words



I’m scared everyday, over a multitude of different things.  But, I try to stay balanced, not let it get the best of me, and with that I think I do a pretty good job- refer to Happy post! 509 more words

Turning 50

Cooper's Hawk...day 3 off the grid

Yes, Cooper’s Hawk is a restaurant that has a wine club.  Until last night, that’s all I knew it was.   Last night I learned it’s also a bird, which makes sense because the word Hawk is in it, but I didn’t know.   496 more words

Turning 50

Day 2... a solid week of happiness

I feel like I’m a pretty happy person most of the  time, but when I stopped to think about this prompt, I realized a week of straight happiness is a long time.   500 more words

Turning 50

UPON TURNING FIFTY (or Stupid Things I Have Done: 50th Birthday Edition)


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Fifty. That’s me. Yep. The big 5-0. AARP discounts, bay-bee! Got that card coming in the mail! Fifty: a nice, hefty, round, solid number. 1,055 more words

Life Changes