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Identity Crisis is The Turning Point of Life

We always fear about the crisis and want to escape from it. But, a period of crisis can be the turning point of life if we embrace it and understand it, properly. 443 more words


I don't even know where to start

Every year, sometimes a couple times a year, I decide I’m going to go on a diet, start trying to exercise, and generally attempt to improve my health. 519 more words


Are you scarred too ? You should be at least a little worried.

I was always concerned about my future. When I was playing basketball when I had my first serious injury the doctors said that this type of injury could always come back and when it does I should take a time-out  3-6 weeks of training. 447 more words


Time to pee in a cup

I wanted to share this snippet earlier, but when I sat in front of my computer (and yes, this is a brain fart moment), I couldn’t remember which scene I was looking for in OPPOSITES DISTRACT.   264 more words


Just one more for luck

Here’s the first book I ever wrote back in 1995. It is the precursor to my epic science fiction novel Onet’s Tale which some of you are reading here on my blog. 1,854 more words

Science Fiction

One Step Past Hopeless

After the shooting of Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old holding a fake gun in the park, I thought that was it for me. I couldn’t feel any lower, any more hopeless and helpless. 1,005 more words

Turning Point

This year is a turning point. Celebrity cloning will face disclosure. Trigger events and false flags are being used to try and dismantle personal freedom. Advanced technology and mind control tactics are being exposed. 17 more words

Secret Society