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Thoughts in Tatters

My mood has been rather dark as of late. My thoughts hanging in tatters, define the darkness of the room that I occupy, but the reasons for doing thus, evade me. 850 more words



Everyone reaches a turning point in their lives; presumably, one would think that that time is when they’re middle-aged, a grown man or woman, finally figuring out they want a more fruitful life. 208 more words


There again

I’m standing on the brink again
Endless abyss, if I jump
I’ve been down there before
I know the exquisite pain
I want to feel it again… 17 more words


How Different 

Imagine if MJ married Whitney

Instead of Bobby

How different things would be

Music would have new royalty

I doubt we’d be seeing obituaries

Or so soon we’d be saying RIP… 333 more words


Why The Fuck Is This Happening

13 and self harming and wearing a long sleeved shirt, that was me and i was way out of my depth I felt like i had some bug From another planet I was relay quiet and happy until 13 then i never smiled every picture of me smiling was fake. 747 more words

Turning Points

There comes a time in all our journeys where we reach a fork in the road; this metaphor has been used many times, in many different contexts, and mostly involves the point of choice. 522 more words

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