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Turn Your Mistake to Your Achievement

A mistake can be our best guide when we learn from it. But, the worst mistake we have done when we walk away from our own mistake by giving excuses. 1,324 more words


Sex for an A+

Sex for an A+? Imagine if you during primary school or your child were faced with this question – every, single, day.

Imagine children shoulder to shoulder in the dirt, a tarp overhead, listening to a teacher who themselves can barely write a full sentence. 483 more words


Turning Point

Prepare those magical mystic rites.
We look away from the holy heights
and offer worship to the darkest lord
of all untold, of a kingdom below. 81 more words


Episode 818: The Green Light

“When I saw myself rising from the dead — with those fangs!”

There are eight turning points in the story of Dark Shadows — moments when the focus and direction of the show changed forever.

3,589 more words
Violet Welles

When the Unexpected Happens

We have all experienced when something unexpected happens.

It could be something good, like a surprise visit from a dear friend or relative.

It could be… 847 more words

Becoming A Better Christian

A turning point.

So, I haven’t been talking to my friends as much as I should be because I’ve hit a pretty severe depression. It’s not the depression where you lay in bed all day trying to sleep off how sad you are, nor is it the depression where you cry for hours at a time. 637 more words

Suriving The Inversion And A Treadmill

Here on the western side of the Rocky Mountains we may not be socked-in with as much snow as the East Coast, but we are “buried” in our own version of winter blues. 446 more words