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Experiment: Letting Go of Heartache From a Relationship (PART 2/2)


Hypothesis: By writing out memories that I had with someone I loved and listing everything I liked about the person then following it up with all the moments and things that I could think would have made the relationship not viable or unbearable, I could process my the emotions I had and see the good things I was looking for in a person and logically understand why things did and would not work out. 1,123 more words



Q. In Jesus’ genealogy in Mt 1:17 there were 14 generations from Abraham to David, 14 from David to the deportation to Babylon, and 14 from the deportation to the Messiah. 298 more words


Staying Alive: 2018 edition

In between the events that inspired my first post on this blog and 2018, I took up a job in Changi Business Park. Daily, when I walk from my office for lunch along a stretch of industrial road, planes fly over me to land at one of Asia’s busiest airports every two minutes. 836 more words


[RELOCATED] Turning Point at Ruko Golden 8 Extension Gading Serpong Tangerang

March 4th, 2018. I went to Serpong area, and when I looked around, I saw that Turning Point moved to another place. Still in the same area, but moved to another block. 468 more words

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Libertarian Student Activist, Aidan Mattis teams up with United Socialists to bash the fash

The United Socialists of PennState along with other left-wing student activists, as part of their March to #TurnDownCampusHate, delivered a petition to President Baron in an attempt to defund and investigate hate groups. 166 more words

Experiment: Letting Go of Heartache From a Relationship (PART 1/2)

A broken heart has got to be one of the worst things that we as humans go through. The feeling of your heartstrings being snapped and leaving your chest tight and your mind broken is something we all have gone through at some level. 1,443 more words


This Big City Life - A Poem

I am leaving
the hustle and bustle of
this big city life
where everything is
happening too fast
where everyone is
rushing from A to B… 68 more words