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Tim McMahon - Search.

By Ed

 New Jersey Straight Edge Hardcore Band Search has just recently started up.

With Hardcore Veteran Tim McMahon on vocals and a few other familiar faces through out. 1,900 more words

Beltane, a turning point and the Second Uranus Square.

Beltane is the time of year when, as a Pagan, I look to celebrating the Great Gateway to Summer. It is always a positive time, heralding a time of fertility, fruitfulness and creativity. 1,270 more words

Astrology In Action

Turning point

Have you ever reached a point in your life when all signs seem to point to the idea that it’s time to make a change? I feel like I’ve reached that point this weekend. 277 more words


A Life of Our Own

Our life is not our own until we begin to believe in ourselves. I know, because I was never raised to believe in myself. The result was that my life was ruled by the thoughts and ideas that other people had put into my brain; and I knew that what I was told was not mine; that my life had ceased to be my own. 91 more words


Turning Points

I believe that it is somewhat naive to call something in the moment a turning point, without the benefit of seeing the history before and consequences thereafter. 583 more words


Step Aside & Nothing Is As Powerfull By @TerrenceJDooley & Testimony

Gospel Artists Terrence J. Dooley and Testimony has release 2 new single called “Step Aside and Nothing Is As Powerfull” from the Album called “Turning Point”. 17 more words


From Financial Planning to Coffee Shop Owner: Angeline Lauwrence, Co-Founder of Turning Point

Opened on 30 December 2014, Turning Point has surely become a local favourite in Tangerang as it provides quality coffee, a wide choice of breakfast items and desserts in an ambience suited for its visitors. 1,952 more words

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