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Unregretted decisions

Historically I have a difficult time making decisions because I too easily see the other side of an argument. Which is an unusual problem, because too often people are unable or unwilling to consider the other side of an issue! 489 more words

Standing Up for the World

How many people need to stand up in order to create positive change on our planet?  Change is usually initiated by one insight or action. Movements begin with one or a few who care about this change. 968 more words

Living With Awareness

Imprints: The Monk who sold his Ferrari

49. I have had dreams and I have had nightmares. I overcame the nightmares because of my dreams. – Jonas Salks

Life is no brief candle for me. 258 more words

The Blog

Evade Anxiety By Realigning Your Mind

Anxiety varies on a spectrum. It’s not the same for everyone.

For some, it’s a constant, nagging feelings. Others are so sensitive to it, that a simple situation can be translated as an immediate threat, putting your brain on high alert—sending you into a… 424 more words

Marshall Sylver

Finding New Perceptions

While many people face struggles, there is always support. That’s how one Grade 6 student from Calgary sees it, as she wrote in a winning essay she penned as part of the… 523 more words

Turning Points

Light Bulb Moments

Turning Points — Wealthy America, please choose compassion over money!🙏❤️


“Turning points, while they often come from moments of darkness, can steer us in the direction of great light… or light-bulb moments.” – Richard Branson…

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Inspiration And Motivation

The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan

I’ve read a lot of big books in my life and I still can’t tell you whether or not I love them or not. I always start out fresh faced and determined, ready to start a new epic journey with these characters, not knowing what they’re going to have to face. 448 more words