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6 Ways To Prepare For Change by Steven Aitchison

Some change is welcome – some change is not. Every month or year or two life has a habit of throwing something at us that we can’t expect; it could be a new job, a breakup, or graduation. 647 more words


Turning Points in Life's Journey

Turning Points in Life’s Journey

We looked at turning points along the journey, we created maps of our road ahead; here are a few of mine. 162 more words

The New Normal

As today marks World Refugee Day, we reflect on the plight of many escaping war zones for a chance at a better life. In her winning essay entitled ‘The New Normal,’ penned as part of the… 960 more words

Turning Points

Sink or Swim

In my parents’ time, there was one way to learn to swim: someone threw you in over your head and yelled, “Sink or swim!” Unfortunately, life can be full of sink or swim moments, and you usually find yourself in the deep end with not much, if any, prior warning and no life jacket within reach. 316 more words

Life Happens

The Turning Points in Life

“Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it.’” (Isa 30:21) 533 more words


Unregretted decisions

Historically I have a difficult time making decisions because I too easily see the other side of an argument. Which is an unusual problem, because too often people are unable or unwilling to consider the other side of an issue! 489 more words

Standing Up for the World

How many people need to stand up in order to create positive change on our planet?  Change is usually initiated by one insight or action. Movements begin with one or a few who care about this change. 968 more words

Living With Awareness