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The Power Within (Or A Good Ol' Fashioned Kick in the Pants)

Was there a Specific turning point in your life?  Or more likely, when was it or better yet, when were they?  Probably like many of you, I can think of a few things that have happened that have changed the course of life for me.   612 more words

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Turning Points

Recovering from alcoholism and addiction for me has been about change, change, and you guessed it – more change. Change is not something I naturally lean into; it is something that generally requires suggestions from my sponsor, family, or trusted friend. 378 more words


The New Year... A Turning Point?

“Life is always at some turning point.” – Irwin Edman

As we approach yet another New Year, some people mistake crossing over one year to the next as an important shift – a turning point. 849 more words


Turning Points

“We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love… and then we return home.” – Australian Aboriginal saying… 824 more words

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Finding Our Light in Darkness

The majority of people in this country are concerned, even despairing, about where the nation is going, because of the election through the electoral college of a minority-chosen president who is impulsive and appears to stand against many of our better values. 499 more words

Shifts In Consciousness

Contractor Q&A: Allen Duda

Allen Duda, owner of Duda Painting in Bethel Park, Pa., has been working as a professional painting contractor since 2002. 236 more words


The feeling is mutual

I am only a quarter of the way into my advent calendar, but I have already reached its turning point with today’s piece:

I dreaded this day, because I have yet to succeed in making these concentric circles elements called “onion rings” (hence the choice of colours for today’s piece… they made it a little less dreadful!). 606 more words