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Crossing the Line

For years now, I’ve prided myself on being different than many of the people I’ve met. I’ve prided myself on listening to my instincts on what I want to pay attention to. 624 more words

Turning Points

Humphrey Bogart's nod

One slight nod and the plot turns. Rick is forced to choose side in the on-going war. Rick who? Rick Blaine, of course. Café owner and Mr. 136 more words

The Daily Post


We each make the best of things and hope we even know crossroads when we see them, let alone make the ‘right’ decisions when we reach them.

Turning Points

I am the happiest in my life right. now. Growing up I dealt with a lot of anxiety and I still battle with it frequently. In the last 10 years I have also battled bouts of depression that were almost debilitating because I could not get my mind of what happened in my past and what could have happened if I did or did not do this or that. 348 more words

Fateful moments that might have been

One of the key ideas of my PhD was fateful moments, points in our life which constitute turning points and shape the person we become. 520 more words



Cats are said to have nine lives. I had one cat, Snowy, who totally changed in personality once he met his first dog, Spike. Before the dog, Snowy was kind of slow. 735 more words


Bach and Handel: Great Balls of Fire

Bach and Handel: Great Balls of Fire
Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, Steven Devine
Kings Place. 1 March 2018

Handel: Organ Concerto Op. 4 no. 503 more words

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