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Spinach & Turnip Greens and Ground Meat Mini-Muffins!

Spinach & Turnip Greens Meat Mini-Muffins

This is an adaptation from one of the cool recipes I found in Melissa Joulwan’s book, Well Fed.  I’ve created her recipe several times as it makes great Road Food for trips where you don’t want to depend on those fast food eateries ubiquitous to the contemporary world – most of them, after all, aren’t worth depending on, although some day I want to try the pork carnitas at a Chipotle’s.   816 more words


Sausages, greens, and beans this evening

Today has been a particularly bone-chilling, dreary, damp, windy, rainy day with temperature steadily dropping this afternoon; looking out the windows you see puddles of water everywhere and you can’t really walk anywhere without getting wet feet;  this calls for  something filling, flavorful, and warm for supper.  469 more words

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Turnip greens. More tasty than spinach and with a bit of a character!

Turnip greens.

I do love them! Because their taste is more interesting than spinach, with their touch of bitterness …

How to prepare them: if they are already cleaned and cut you just have to boil them for a few minutes (adding them at the boiling water, not before). 117 more words

Creamy Winter Greens au Gratin

Even though both spinach and kale (and you could actually add or substitute frozen turnip greens in this recipe also) are plentiful fresh this time of year – winter greens, after all – we are using frozen today because first, freezing tenderizes kale and second, you need an awful lot of fresh greens to get to the equivalent of two pounds of frozen chopped greens. 404 more words


Southern Greens seasoned with country ham

This was a favorite in my house growing up.  Even as a kid, I could not get enough turnip greens, collard greens, mustard greens, mixed greens, kale.  293 more words

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45-Minute Minestrone Soup Recipe

45-minutes. Hearty homemade soup.

I LOVE soup. I love hot tea. I love hot espresso (w milk and sugar–call it a cortado). I love drinking straight broth. 288 more words


Green Monster Soup with Za'atar Toasted Sunflower Seeds

I love a good bowl of soup anytime of the year, but I tend to eat a lot more soup during the cold winter months. Usually people tend to think of soup as the kind of dish where they can throw in as many vegetables as they have lying around in the fridge. 514 more words

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