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Submitting work to Turnitin on behalf of a student

If for some reason you need to submit a paper to Turnitin on behalf of a student there is a simple way in which you can do this. 137 more words


So where can I find.....? Quick tips for MyFielding

As Fielding migrates much of its old Felix content into MyFielding, it can occasionally be tricky to find what you need. Here in the library, we fairly regularly receive questions about how to navigate to a variety of these materials and thought we would share the answers to some common inquiries. 235 more words

Quick Tips

Introduction to Online Marking Workshop

A workshop has been arrange for staff providing an “Introduction to Online and Electronic Marking of Assessments”. This workshop is to run on Tuesday the 12th of January 2016 between 10:00am and 12:00pm… 79 more words


Turnitin Service Alert

Turnitin (anti-plagiarism) reported an unexpected outage last night, from 10:38 PM until 12:52 AM. During this time window, Turnitin assignments would not have been available in eLearning. 7 more words


Jamestown, Day 2

EQ: How did the English and the Powhatan interact with and relate to each other?

GQ: What was life like for the Powhatan in the 1600s? 650 more words

Turnitin issue with Email non-submitters function - Update

Staff may notice a new option to email non-submitters within the Turnitin inbox. There is an issue with this tool. If you use the tool to send an email, the email received by students may come from someone else on the VLE module. 59 more words