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@TheSocietyOfInvisibles @Broadway Baggs @Exquisite - Remix - Ganjak - 1.Cuts.By.Dj.Nix On -SoundCloud

Listen to Exquisite – Remix – Ganjak – 1.Cuts.By.Dj.Nix On – Pre – Final by broadway joe baggs #np on #SoundCloud


Documentales sobre DJs

Aprovechando que este verano vimos la estupenda serie “The Get Down” en Netflix, he prestado más atención sobre documentales sobre música. Y sí, hay unos cuentos. 197 more words

Research Output

Endtroductions…..: defining sampling

The idea of taking small fragments of multiple works and rearranging them into a new work is, in theory, a novel idea. Appropriation has been a mainstay in visual arts, epitomised in the widely accepted practice of collage. 3,596 more words