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kid ginseng lays down the beats

This piece originally appeared on Bed Crumbs.

Two weeks ago, I went to a bar where the much-hyped DJ was actually a guy who just plugged an aux cord into his iPhone, then proceeded to fist-pump his way through a Spotify playlist of select choices like a radio remix of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” and Migos’ “Bad and Boujee.” 425 more words

My Writing

Christian Marclay, the American-born Swiss-raised musician, began destroying and reassembling thrift store records he bought in bulk in the 1980s. He is also an artist, working with a variety of materials often associated with music. 114 more words

El Stew - The Rehearsal

Experimental Rock, Turntablism


This is a raw recording featuring Buckethead, Brain, Extrakd, SP808, and DJ Eddie Def. Supposedly, the whole thing was recorded with one microphone and then transferred straight to CD. 54 more words


GTR Presents Hip Hop Pioneer Michael Holman

Before there was Rap City & Yo MTV Raps there was Graffiti Rock a show that covered all basis of hip hop from music to fashion to graffiti art. 38 more words

East Coast

Youngest DMC Champion Ever: DJ Rena

DMC World Championship is the biggest DJ competition in the world. After DJ Cheese won in 1986 with the first use of scratching in the tournament, it dawned turntablism as a necessity in the world of DJ. 206 more words

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