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Our Favorite Turquoise Wedding Ring Set

Turquoise and spiderweb turquoise rings are one of our most popular choices for wedding rings and wedding ring sets.  Our turquoise wedding ring sets are available in a variety of colors with and without the spiderweb pattern.   282 more words

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Turquoise jewelry

Turquoise is a hydrated copper and aluminium phosphate. The colour varies from blue to blue-green. Turquoise is often mottled with cream or brown veins. Furthermore, the name “turquoise” comes from a confusion : when Venitian merchants brought this stone in France, it was called “Turkish stone”, from Turkey whereas it was from Persia. 55 more words


Turquoise Accents

This week’s gray rain has really been getting me down, so I decided this was the perfect time to start day dreaming about light and breezy summer outfits! 173 more words

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Turquoise jewelry - silvery colors

Turquoise jewelry bracelet

A beautiful piece of art, turquoise jewelry made out of cabochons in my atelier. This bracelet is made using silvery seed beads of 1,5 mm, crystals and pearls. 363 more words


The Rational Fear of Moonlight

It’s Midnight on the Internet.

You just got off your late shift. You’re standing around the bus stop, peering through the dense fog for the telltale headlamps of your bus. 189 more words

Now the Bracelet had Joined My Life - from Turquoise Interlude

The small, teardrop stones were blue and green, calling me as their pattern radiated outward. The grey-braided woman watched intently, her rotund body leaning toward me over the brown Pendleton blanket where she was seated. 93 more words

Cloud Girl

Hail to the King.

Jack Kirby is one of the most important visual artists and story tellers of the 20th century, and since I don’t think anyone is arguing with me, I’m gonna just let this sentence end. 259 more words