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Day 777-Turquoise Howard Johnson

I already own a Turquoise HoJo water bottle but this one is etched Blenko 2018 on the base.


Canadian Rocky Green and Blue

I think I’ll make up a new color since I can’t decide what it is. Aquamarine? Turquoise? Teal?  All I know is that I love, love, love the beautiful lakes of the Canadian Rockies.   141 more words


Gradient Stripes iPad Case

Protect your investment with this cool orange and turquoise striped iPad case. Available through Redbubble, it’s a one-piece, clip-on case that’s slim and lightweight with super-bright colors embedded directly into the case. 19 more words


Turquoise and coral heart brooch

Because there is so much love to give and receive in the same time.

And because turquoise is such a nice color, even more when there is another perfect shade to create a good match. 34 more words


Toad flasks (2)

This particularly ornate pilgrim’s flask shaped like a toad is decorated with roundels containing a visvajra and a lotus. 38 more words


Amazon.. Amazin.. Amazing..

Now let me tell you something I am passionate about..

This post will really set the tone for this blog.

I discovered Amazon in 2012.. At this point I was just getting the hang of how to use the site and bought a few random things here and there. 712 more words

Jewelry History 101: 5 Fun Facts - 03

These fun facts are specifically about Ancient Egypt.

1.) The main metal the Ancient Egyptians used for their jewelry was gold.

2.) Out of the way too many to count tombs, the Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s tomb is said to have the best quality of jewelry adornment that has never been surpassed in the history of jewelry. 45 more words