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I promised I would put up a post about my wedding and so here it is. I can’t quite believe it’s gone. The preparations seemed to be a never ending chain of research swiftly followed by disapproval, frustration and disappointment with the odd positive moment of relief. 1,737 more words


Snapping Turtles

I passed by a well and heard some turtles snapping in the bottom. Oh that just drives me nuts! The bottom of a well ain’t no place for turtles! 212 more words

Light Hearted

Sick in de Stomach -- Part IV

A full hour passed before Christian shouted to Basil. “Is it done yet?”

“This pesky turtle won’t stick his head out so’s I can bop it.” 434 more words


Sick in de Stomach -- Part III

“I’ve got a dandy soup pot and loads of vegetables – onions, carrots, potatoes,” said Christian, when they reconvened at noon the next day in Albert’s Booby Bay Cafe. 611 more words


Sick in de Stomach -- Part II

“So old Albert’s a sick’un, is he?” said Basil, downing his first rum of the day. Basil had always thought himself to be a descendent of the pirate, Sir Basil Ringrose, and as each day sailed toward sunset and the rum clouded his horizon, he metamorphosed into the pirate himself. 715 more words