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Snapping Turtles

I passed by a well and heard some turtles snapping in the bottom. Oh that just drives me nuts! The bottom of a well ain’t no place for turtles! 212 more words

Light Hearted

Sick in de Stomach -- Part IV

A full hour passed before Christian shouted to Basil. “Is it done yet?”

“This pesky turtle won’t stick his head out so’s I can bop it.” 434 more words


Sick in de Stomach -- Part III

“I’ve got a dandy soup pot and loads of vegetables – onions, carrots, potatoes,” said Christian, when they reconvened at noon the next day in Albert’s Booby Bay Cafe. 611 more words


Sick in de Stomach -- Part II

“So old Albert’s a sick’un, is he?” said Basil, downing his first rum of the day. Basil had always thought himself to be a descendent of the pirate, Sir Basil Ringrose, and as each day sailed toward sunset and the rum clouded his horizon, he metamorphosed into the pirate himself. 715 more words


Sick in de Stomach -- Part I

“Albert, you’re not sick,” said Peaches, handing a mug of strong tea to the man lying on the chaise lounge wearing an oversized nightshirt that made him look much frailer than he actually was. 652 more words


The Rise and Fall of Turtle Soup

History com

August 3, 2012

By Stephanie Butler

If you spend any amount of time paging through old menus, looking back to the Diamond Jim Brady era of American overeating, you’ll find a mention of turtle soup. 550 more words