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The Fitting Room Chronicles: Wearing a Turtleneck (Like Marilyn Monroe)

We still may be in the middle of crisp fall here in New York City, but occasionally, that sudden frost of winter gives an unwelcoming preview of what’s to come. 600 more words

Turtle - Sophisticated Thanksgiving Dining Room (Warm Thanksgiving Home)

This blog is a tribute to SuperPoke! Pets, a website & community that  entered a new phase of virtual existence in March 2012.

SuperPoke Pets

Bridge over the lake and nature

A footbridge passing over the lake that is part of Agence Parisienne du Climat, with fish, turtles and more.

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Toasty Turtle 'Tocks

“This is a photo of my Red Eared Slider, Jamie, enjoying the fireplace on a chilly November afternoon!” -Fiona C.

Dived and Gone to Heaven: Sipadan with Seaventures

We had been looking forward to diving at Sipadan since the beginning of our trip and after brief transits through Kota Kinabulu and Tawau we finally found ourselves on a boat cutting through glassy waters bound for the Semporna Archipelago. 1,771 more words