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The Not-So Secret Life of My Pet, Oogway

“One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.” – Master Oogway

Inspired by Kung Fu Panda, I named my turtle after Master Oogway. 598 more words


Turtoise Wisdom

Deep in the woods, far from civilization, I encountered a turtle. Or was it a tortoise? Briefly I tried to remember the distinctions between them. Clawed feet, rough skin, water loving, water hating, smooth shell, bumpy shell. 306 more words


Protect the Gulf Coast 

After BPs leak/explosion, there have been quite a few laws passed and quite a few fines enforced. Let’s help make the Gulf of Mexico clean and beautiful again. 19 more words

Hawk in our back Yard

As Debbie and I had coffee on the back deck the other day, a Red Shouldered Hawk landed on a log at the edge of the pond.  95 more words