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Surely a he

Preening for our stares

Sliding his underbelly past

Posing, cameras shooting

Perfect smoothness


Grand Marais And Travel

Random Adventures

Hey everyone! Happy Monday!

How is it almost April? I can’t believe how quickly this year is flying by. Ben and I had some fun plans for spring break, but unfortunately the weather had a different idea. 208 more words


Day 85: Toilet Tig

I learned a new game from Ami’s 5 year old niece called toilet tig. It’s a variant on a classic with a bit of toilet flushing action incorporated. 19 more words

Am I not Turtley Enough for the Turtle Club?

Wednesday I came home to find this little guy in the driveway:

Yes, little dude (or dudette), yes you are!

Random Thoughts

More assorted fun at the zoo

Pretty birds in the aviaries.

Cutest family at the zoo.

This gives a whole new meaning to “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” 34 more words

Lowry Park Zoo

Putting together basses

Ever since I started playing, I have been dreaming about building my own basses. Although I’m not particularly good with tools – and never was – I still kept dreaming about it! 955 more words

Bass Guitars