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ūüíÄ Bat Vader


“Can anyone explain what is going on?”


Hello World!

by Jon Valjon

At long last I’ve hopped onto the blog-making bandwagon that’s been so popular among intellectuals (and faux-intellectuals) in the past half-decade. But I ain’t an intellectual‚ÄĒotherwise I’d write about other things than manga, par exemple. 315 more words

Turtwig vs Tyrogue

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Turtwig is a pretty great longrange fighter while Tyrogue is the perfect close range fighter. So, Turtwig’s best chance is to keep Tyrogue away, while Tyrogue needs to turn this into a boxing match. 26 more words



I remember the first Pokemon game I ever played! Pokemon Diamond! I chose Turtwig as my starter so I love that Pokemon to pieces! I was gutted when my DS and game card broke because I lost my Turtwig (I can’t remember the name of its final form so I call it by the name I gave it or Turtwig). 56 more words


Turtwig and Captain Rex's helmet


Turtwig, a tiny leaf pokémon (copied from his Pokémon handbook)

and the helmet of one of his Lego clone trooper Captains (from life)

drawn by my son Jacob recently.


In the Roots

So by the river, next to the rocks, there were these really cool tree roots. Normally, because I’m a water type, I’m not a big fan of grassy areas.¬† 72 more words

Real Turtwig

Have you ever wondered what Turtwig (from Pokemon) would look like on real life?

Which pokemon should i turn realistic next?