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Inject a bit of love into your life - One easy step

Have you heard of The Secret? Well you should google it because the law of attraction and affirmations are the real deal.

Incorporating positive affirmations into your daily routine can entirely change your attitude and outlook on life. 103 more words


How to speak Ilocano Language

Hi, Welcome to my page. Today, Im going to give some advice when going to Ilocos Region.

Foul words 483 more words

Travel Buddy

Persian Mulberry marzipan sweets ( Tut شیرینی بادامی)

So Iranian new year (Nowruz) is coming soon ( 21th March) and there are lot’s of things should be done. One of them is preparing home made sweets, candy or cookies. 231 more words


21s Training Method

If you haven’t tried, or even heard of the “21s” method of working out, let me explain it. Every exercise has 3 different ranges of motion (ROM). 391 more words


King Tut

Initially a school work – a real screen print of Tutankhamun’s golden mask.

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Time Under Tension

I’ve mentioned rest breaks before as a great way to increase the intensity of workouts and a way to manipulate them depending on your goals. Another method is the tempo at which you do exercises. 291 more words


King Tut: rock star, pop idol, enigma

It was November 4, 1922, and another hot day in the Valley of the Kings. It was always hot, and dry, and dusty. But the Valley had yielded countless finds and many treasures, so the heat and aridity did not stop industrious diggers from their pursuits. 1,780 more words

Ancient Egypt