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The University of Pretoria could not fall short of being proud, after four their sports teams including the athletic teams taking the varsity cup titles for 2017… 230 more words

Varsity Sports

How To: Fold Plastic

You’re probably asking, “Why the hell would I need to learn how to fold plastic? That’s not important.” and well, friend, that may be so, but I opened the kitchen cabinet today only to have myself nearly crushed under the copious amounts of plastic bags. 467 more words

How To

How-To: Unclickable Links

Recently, someone asked me if I could do a tutorial on how to make menu links unclickable. You may or may not have noticed that four of my menu links on my site (Chapters, Summaries, Characters, and Thank You) are not clickable. 287 more words

Noble Doubt

About Freelance Writing

  1. Write a lot. And blog regularly. You will improve as you proceed. When you become so irresistibly good, there shall be a demand for your handiwork.
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[Android] [Ngày 1] Thiết lập môi trường

Nội dung:

  • Hướng dẫn thiết lập môi trường và các công cụ cần thiết để bắt đầu lập trình Android

Mục tiêu:

  1. Biết được cần phải có những gì để có thể code Android…
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Password protect files without any software on windows.

Sometimes, there is a need for hiding some data files in a computer system… Moreover, to “lock” a folder with data inside it.
Here, I’m going to share a nice and handy trick (for Windows OS) to do the same. 1,008 more words

File System