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Order of Adjectives

She was a beautiful, tall, thin, young, black-haired, Scottish woman.

…or a more realistic example*:  It was made of a strange, green, metallic material.

How do you decide what order to list adjectives? 27 more words


8 Signs of a Good Tutor

Being a good tutor requires many inherent qualities. Not everybody can become a teacher, and in the end, not everybody should. However, there are some visible signs that you might be a good fit in the educational field. 640 more words

Guest Blog

Except - Understanding the Meaning

Except is a difficult concept to understand.  There are two things to look for in a sentence that includes “except”.

  1. The rule
  2. The exception (the thing that doesn’t follow the rule)
  3. 164 more words

A or The?

Okay, an article goes before most nouns.  Congratulations! Very good! You are on the way to understanding articles.

Now, how do you choose between a definite article (the) and an indefinite article (a/an)?* Here are some tips. 150 more words


Physics Phestival - Thursday 14th June

Southam College Science Department presents:


Physics Phestival – Thursday 14th June


An all-day revision extravaganza to get you ready for the last Science exam on Friday 15th June.