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Color Blind part 3

So now we’re ready to add color to the image first I select a new layer and change it’s setting to color. I do the same for the brush, softening and lowering it’s opacity as well. 160 more words

This Weekend

Well hello lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Don’t worry, we are taking on Monday together! Today I’m showing you a little bit about my weekend! 344 more words


Acer Announces $200 Chromebook 15 Variant

The cheapest 15-inch Chromebook

Not that long ago, the distinction of being the biggest Chromebook belonged to the HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook (14-inch), but that changed earlier this year when… 177 more words

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Pour one out: The Nexus 7 is finally dead

Want to buy yourself a Nexus 7? It’s not going to happen. Google has apparently given up on selling the 7-inch device directly to consumers, choosing instead to focus on the… 257 more words

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Sony Xperia P2 may be a Xperia Z4 for the international crowd

The Sony Xperia Z4 launched relatively quietly in Japan earlier this month and there’s been no signs of it making it out of the country – but we may not miss out entirely. 205 more words

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Audi has made diesel from just air and water - bad news for electric cars?

A team of researchers working for Audi in Germany has managed to make diesel fuel using just water and carbon dioxide.

The process, masterminded by cleantech firm Sunfire… 230 more words

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