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Extra Heap Exploitation: TCache and Potential Exploitation


In glibc-2.26, TCache (per-thread cache), a new feature, was introduced in malloc. I did not take much notice to the new patch last year until I came across the… 1,702 more words


Miniature Snake Plant Tutorial

Making the snake plant (for my Year of Crafting Creatively challenge that I’m doing at the Sylvanian Families Forum) was so easy and fun and I loved the result so much that I decided that a photo tutorial was in order. 384 more words


Fixing the invalid EXT4 image using Odin Tool - Samsung Galaxy

I hope everyone reading this knows about Odin tool, which is the tool we are using here for fixing the invalid Ext4 image error. If you don’t know what Odin tool is and what it does, no need to panic, just go through our previous post which explains from the scratch what Odin tool is and how to u…

Tonal Maps - Seeing Clearly Now the Colour is Gone

Following on from my last post discussing histograms, I now want to quickly look at what I call tonal maps.

When viewing an image, the colours within it can often deceive us into believing there is more or less tonal variance within the image than there actually is. 608 more words


Pembelajaran OracleDB dan cara installisasinya

بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

Hallo Alhamdulillah kita bisa ketemu lagi di next post ya readers, semoga Allah SWT. dapat memberi kesempatan lain untuk saya posting di blog tercintah ini. 509 more words

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ColourPop x My Little Pony Pallette | Swatches & Tutorial

What sparked my original online order for ColourPop Cosmetics was this My Little Pony Eye Shadow Palette. It literally called me from the computer screed. I’m always drawn to colour.. 322 more words