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Tutorial #005: Rest Server with SpringBoot and Gradle

In this tutorial, we will show how to create a simple rest server with SpringBoot.

Gradle is used as the automation tool.

Please take a look at the source code here: 8 more words


Tutorial #004: Spock with Gradle

In this tutorial we will show to to create unit tests using Spock. Spock is a test frameworking similiar to jUnit but uses the Groovy, a JVM language that makes your life easier :) 23 more words


MindMeister, Pay to Export

Hello Everyone!

Again during our Material Design class, our teacher has introduced us another great web-site which allows us to make a map of our thoughts! 172 more words


Learning Photo Editing: Basic Adobe Lightroom Tutorial

Welcome back to my editing series! If you haven’t read the first post, check it out for an overview of available editing software and a breakdown of where to find things in Lightroom. 1,013 more words


How to Erase an iPhone or iPad Before Selling It

You got a new iPhone or iPad, and now you want to sell your old one to make some money out of it? Before handing it over its new owner make sure to wipe off all your personal data from it! 392 more words


"The Little Mermaid" Inspired Makeup Look! (Collab)

Hello lovelies! It’s finally time for a collaboration post! The theme for this collab is our favorite Disney movies, so we each chose a particular film and created a look based on it.   793 more words


building a general purpose external plugin in C++

There are definitely many reasons you might want to code yourself an external plugin for it to be used within Unity, although the one that always comes to my mind is that C++ is way faster than C#. 1,201 more words