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How To secure your OpenVPN configuration

There many traps when it comes to the OpenVPN configuration which your VPN provider has to offer, in this short tutorial I will show you what you need to know and which points are really important to look at. 1,426 more words



Hi!!!! Sorry for this “break”, I’ve been super busy with the relocation (It took longer than expected :P) but now I’m back :)


Vintage Style Wooden Decorative Brackets DIY Tutorial

I’m still working like mad to get ready for the upcoming June 2nd Vintage Market. It’s been crazy around here trying get ready in such a short period of time. 411 more words

For The Garden

Best Foundations--Drugstore

Welcome Back to TheLexiEdit!

Best Drugstore Foundations–Drugstore!

In today’s blog post, we will be discussing my favorite drugstore foundations! Personally, I almost exclusively use drugstore foundations because, well, I’m in college and can’t afford to be spending $40+ on a foundation that lasts me 2-3 months, at most. 836 more words

How to Make Maps (new series)

Welcome back, everyone! Given my current scheduling snafu, plus the fact that I forgot to promote my stream until way last minute, I’ve decided to bump my May stream to the end of June (dates later); also, I might not make them charity fundraisers for a while until I can build up a slightly bigger following; I mean, last time didn’t get any donations, so I’ll probably wait to that for a while. 229 more words


How To Combine Data Using The Concatenate Function? | Excel | Tutorial

The Concatenate function combines text data from different cells into one. This is useful for many purposes, one common purpose is if you have your employee names in three columns Title, First Name & Surname. 202 more words


Saturation Masks 2: How to make and use "true" 16-bit saturation masks

The first blog in this saturation masks series reviewed why Photoshop’s HSB/HSL filter is NOT a good way to create saturation masks because it consistently overstates the saturation of dark colors in the image. 1,580 more words

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