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French Twist

Hi there sweet pea! Today I’m going to show y’all how I achieve this french twist rosette hairstyle! 259 more words


How to Understand Clinical Research, Part II: Quality of Evidence

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How to Understand Clinical Research, Part II: Quality of Evidence

The ability to critically understand & judge the data from a study is crucial in making decisions on whether a new drug is safe & effective.

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Les Tuileries Scarf by Joachim Metz

Hermes Les Tuileries scarf is another favorite scarf of mine in white, emerald green and gold. It was designed by Joachim Metz in 1990 and reissued in 1996. 60 more words


Part 6. Errors in 64-bit code

Even if you correct all compilation errors and warnings, it does not mean that a 64-bit application will work well. So it is the description and diagnosis of 64-bit errors that we will deal with in main part of this text. 875 more words


Advent calendar tutorial

The shops are full of Advent calendar panels these days – we have currently two in the stock, they are easy to make once you know how so here is couple of pictures and instructions to help you along the way … 1,006 more words


Creating A PCB In Everything: Eagle DRC and Gerber Files

For the next post in the Creating A PCB series, we’re going to continue our explorations of Eagle. In Part 1,  I went over how to create a part from scratch in Eagle. 993 more words

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How to reduce motion sickness in virtual reality

Today I’ll talk about another one of the most frequently asked questions on reddit: after having talked about about if you have to buy a VR headset… 857 more words

Virtual Reality