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How to Replace a Popcorn Ceiling with Styrofoam Tiles

My friend and brilliant designer and house whisperer, Chandler Marvin, is helping me renovating  my office/studio. After painting the space the gorgeous green she recommended, the ugly popcorn ceiling stood out like a sore thumb. 634 more words


Urus Ganti NPWP karena Pindah Alamat Susah? Mudah, Kok.

Pertanyaan ini masuk ke dalam aplikasi percakapan dan membutuhkan jawaban cepat.  Untuk publikasi di blog ini pihak-pihak yang bersangkutan saya samarkan. Begini pertanyaannya.

Ada Pak Bos tidak bisa mengurus perubahan alamatnya untuk perubahan Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak (NPWP). 524 more words

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The World's Oldest Webcam Is Finally Being Shut Down After 25 Years

The world’s oldest webcam is finally shutting down after a whopping quarter-century of service, marking the end of an era that began in the infancy of the modern internet we know today. 8 more words


Watch the Earth Rotate Relative to the Milky Way in This Fascinating Time-lapse

You have likely already seen nighttime time-lapses in which the rotation of Earth causes the night sky to move. This incredibly neat time-lapse flips that on its head by holding the Milky Way stationary, showing the ground tilting as Earth continues to rotate and making for quite the mindblowing effect. 8 more words


Rimmel lasting finish foundation 25 hr

I first purchased this foundation when I was on the hunt for a foundation which I could not only get away with for school but something that was also quick to put on in the morning. 115 more words


Team Captures First 4K Footage of Titanic, Reveals Startling Deterioration

Few historical events have remained in the public consciousness quite like the sinking of the Titanic, and after over a century of sitting on the bottom of the Atlantic, a production team has captured 4K footage of the wreck for the first time. 8 more words


You’re Amazing Card

Hi guys!

I’ve been trying for two days to upload my newest process video here, but it’s not cooperating. Aargh! It is clear, apparently, that the next step in my creative journey is setting up a YouTube channel. 553 more words