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Makeup Tutorial: Easy, Everyday Eyes #1

Hi, guys! Welcome to today’s post. Today, as you can tell from the title, is a tutorial for really simple eye makeup. It’s different than the typical day to day look but still really easy to do. 326 more words


Modeling a Wacom Pen in Autodesk Maya

Video from FlippedNormals:

In this modeling essentials video, we show you how to model a Wacom pen in Maya. It’s useful for complete beginners and for people who wants to refresh their modeling skills.


Lacy Sunshine Greatest Hits 3 Heather Valentin

Hi all

Coloring page from Lacy Sunshine Greatest Hits 3 Greyscale by Heather Valentin.

Please note colored images are not included in the book these are just my version of them. 68 more words


Evolve Like Picasso: Continually Practice and Experiment to Find Your Artistic Style

I went to school for journalism, and specifically photojournalism. Journalism has truth and accuracy at its core, so my photography classes focused more on storytelling truthfully and less on photo manipulation. 799 more words


Triple your site traffic, top HOT tips & tricks

Have you attempted to expand your site activity, despite the fact that you’ve attempted each “technique” out there?

Regardless of what you do, your site visitors, their movement & click through numbers just don’t move in a hurry do they? 2,036 more words

Blog Update

Adjusting a Pattern: Adding Ruffles to Lowrider

To learn how to also make Lowrider button front, see the previous blog post here.

Adding ruffles to any pattern is simple.  You simply measure the length you want, multiply it by 1.5x and then gather and sew on top of your finished garment (after finishing the edges of course) but there is a cleaner way to do and I’ll show you how. 425 more words