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http://www.linkedin.com/in/accesslearning… 130 more words


Business idea

For local pickup only items on e-commerce sites such as eBay, take them to the local post office and arrange postage. It could be integrated with eBay and existing couriers.


Clear Example of STEAM in Action

Rio Olympics 2016! Absolutely lovely-

How can anyone still be questioning the value of either the Arts in Education or Sports on the curriculum?

Technology brought us the action and thanks to Time Zones and solid internet connections we were able to enjoy the blend of cultures and courage that strutting one’s talent in front of millions demands- and in “real time” watching as spectators from home while the action in Rio splashed or danced or cycled or ran or jumped…across our screens. 451 more words


5 Points to Consider Before Hiring Business Intelligence Assignment Help

Online study help services are quite popular now and that has made the selection a little bit tricky. So many service providers are available online but all of them are not equally competent. 302 more words


Infographics: Benefits of Reading at an Early Stage

Brain growth in the early years of life relies upon sensory experiences that stimulate the synapses and trigger the creation of new brain connections. The more complex these connections are, the more intelligent we become. 37 more words

English Learning For Kids

Re-Thinking Classroom Accommodations

As a teacher, I was given checklists at the beginning of every school year listing the accommodations I was required to provide students in my classes with learning disabilities. 557 more words