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One Step At A Time

Good morning, UCWbLers and other writing-loving friends! Now that the autumn quarter is in full swing, we asked one of our new UCWbL writing tutors and graduate assistants, Marcela D., to write a little about her experience so far with the UCWbL! 396 more words

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The above, which reads ‘watashi,’ means simply “I.” It took my colleague and I two weeks to appreciate this, and we have far from mastered its use. 660 more words

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Life at the UCWbL: The Before, the After, and the In Between

People, papers, and red pens. This is what we new tutors envisioned going into the application process to become a Writing Center Tutor. Because the application process consisted of correcting a sample paper, we naturally came to the conclusion that we were going to be doing just that. 612 more words

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New Tutors on Tutoring: Banned Books Week & Dumb Cynicism

Throughout the first few weeks of my involvement in the Writing Center, much of my attention has been devoted to familiarizing myself with UCWbL… 461 more words

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New Tutors on Tutoring: The Perfectionist's Beginning

The ‘P’ word; that snarky, dismissive label; the term that is supposedly a compliment and yet…isn’t: perfectionist. It’s something that many are accused of being and all deny that they are until the inevitable self-acceptance. 611 more words

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Tutoring Strategies: Working With Writers With Learning Disabilities

As tutors we can face all kinds of difficulties during appointments. These kinds of difficulties can vary from language barriers, to writers being resistent because they do not want to be there, to working with writers that have ADHD or a learning disability. 654 more words

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Tales Of A New Tutor (Part 3)

Well, I’m almost at the finish line, guys. I’m just one step away from being unblocked on the master schedule, and being free to tutor on my own! 423 more words

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