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The Bitter Lemon's Summer TV Guide!

I sort of hate myself for promoting sitting inside all summer and catching up on TV, but it’s been a solid 106 degrees here in Austin, and even the coolest pool isn’t going to get me outside for much longer than i have to be. 1,305 more words

Holly A. Phillips

'Southern Charm': Reunion, part II.

Hey y’all! We picked right back up where we left off last week, with Kathryn being absolutely insane but backing off after Thomas was shaking with rage and threatening to take her down via court + judge. 417 more words

Holly A. Phillips

'Southern Charm': Ain't No Thang Like a Chicken Wing.

Helloooo! I know I’m nearly a WEEK late on my “Southern Charm” recap – I did watch it last Monday night while I was in Indiana, and missed being able to write about it immediately after. 394 more words

Holly A. Phillips

TV Junkie

Finn loves KathyLee and Hoda in the morning.


'Southern Charm': A Tribe Called Key West.

Hey, hey! I feel like the episodes of “Southern Charm” just keep getting better and better, and after seeing the previews for this week’s episode, I was reallllly looking forward to things completely blowing up in Key West for Cameron’s birthday. 516 more words

Holly A. Phillips

'Southern Charm': Boys Gone Wild.

Episodes of “Southern Charm” and “Southern Charm Savannah” sure do perk up my Mondays! Especially after last week’s episode of Shep’s epic downfall, I was ready for last night (I also made vegan tacos, and those were pretty good, too). 538 more words

Holly A. Phillips

'Southern Charm': The Hangover.

After the way we left last week’s episode, I was really looking forward to last night’s chapter! Naturally, things kick off with Saint’s birthday party, where Kathryn does decide to go. 495 more words

Holly A. Phillips