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Ta Ta For Now, Emily Gilmore

I watched the last episode of Gilmore Girls last night and it went exactly as you’d expect. Me sobbing into my tea while my husband mocked me. 585 more words

A Voluptuous Mind

Giving daytime TV a chance.

A few weeks ago, “CBS News Sunday Morning” aired a feature on Wendy Williams. Yes, I know, Wendy Williams probably isn’t the person you think of when I mentioned daytime television. 654 more words

Holly A. Phillips

Confessions of a TV Addict...a New Day

When I was about 6 years old, my brother drew a picture of me in my usual Saturday morning position…footie pajamas, sitting on the floor of his room (criss-cross applesauce I guess is the new term) staring up at the small television on his dresser.  150 more words

HBO Sundays: 'Divorce' & 'Insecure'.

Is anyone watching HBO on Sunday nights? Because it’s pretty much the best way to beat the Sunday blues – aside from straight up calling in sick on Monday, of course. 883 more words

Holly A. Phillips

Chesapeake Shores: episode 7.

At the start of the episode, it appears there’s a new guy in town and he doesn’t know what a “Lending Library” is, so there’s that. 652 more words

Holly A. Phillips

The Bitter Lemon's Fall TV Guide!

After crafting, what I would consider to be, a pretty robust Fall Reading Guide, I knew I couldn’t just sit here and act like I’m sitting around the apartment reading all the time. 1,249 more words

Holly A. Phillips

How many days have I been laying in bed now? Checking in on myself, one day at a time.

Besides doctor’s appointments and my 2 day obligation at work, I have been in bed a long time. Missing the first couple of days of school and internship(voluntary hours that must be completed eventually) 1,034 more words