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The Game

“You are in the great game now and the great game is terrifying.” ~ Tyrion Lannister to Daernerys Targaryen

*** Spoilers are coming ***

1,718 more words


Let’s be real, a great ship can make or break a show.

It’s definitely one of the reasons I stick around when the writing goes sour. 143 more words

Shows you should be watching

I like to call this the better version of PLL. As someone who made a following on Tumblr through Pretty Little Liars, it’s a bold statement. 179 more words

Shows you should be watching

My pick for my first show you should be watching is one I’ve become rather obsessed with.

As a hypochondriac, a show about a virus is terrifying and makes me never want to be around people ever again. 138 more words

Just a Little Crush... Game of Thrones Edition

The world can be a cold and frightening place at times with events making you question everything you hold dear, including your own sanity.

When life gets you like this it’s always worth taking a moment if you can and thinking about the things that bring you joy. 1,512 more words

A Voluptuous Mind

The Modern Marathon

To be clear, I don’t run. Or more accurately, I can’t run. I trip over my own feet. Always have. One wonders how I managed to run around a tennis court when I was a child. 773 more words


Weekly Wrap-Up #12

So I’ve probably spent most of the last week lying horizontally in the hope that I would soon feel better. I’ve had the flu and aside from the expected bad chest, headaches, earaches etc, I also found myself hallucinating about being on a desert. 737 more words

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