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TV Addict: Sleepy Hollow does Tarot Cards ...


Spoiler Alert: There are spoilers. You’ve been warned.

S2x13 – “Pittura Infamante”

Okay, so I’m a couple of episodes behind in Sleepy Hollow, but there’s been a few other life happenings that’s keeping me from TV. 505 more words

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Sitcoms are for sick days

January’s in Winnipeg are pretty rough. Temperatures sit well below -30C, strong winds whip at your face, and sidewalks are laced in thick layers of lumpy black ice.  617 more words

TV Addict: Crime Time in the 90s

I have always been a big fan of mystery and crime solving. From Encyclopedia Brown to Sherlock Holmes … oh, wait, this is a TV post not a book post *shifting gears* … From… 723 more words

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TV Addict 411: Psych, you will be missed ...

*deep sighs*

I have been watching Sean and Gus ever since their debut on USA in 2006. I remember it clearly because Monk was my favorite show at the time and USA had brilliant cross-over promos of  195 more words

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TV Addict: Marco Polo, S1 Pilot


Netflix nailed it. Well, maybe not “nailed” it, but I thought the pilot was awesome!

Now, I know I’m a history buff, but I haven’t studied Marco Polo’s history so if it has inaccuracies I wouldn’t know. 540 more words

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TV 411: OUAT, Heroes and Villains

Spoiler Alert: There are probably spoilers.

Ok, so I talked about the Frozen story arch here (S4x9 – “Smash the Mirror”) and it did take a couple more episodes for it to reach an end. 349 more words

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