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Madison Avenue Stuffed Super Bowl 50 With More Ads Than Past Games

TV viewers who tuned to Super Bowl 50 this weekend likely gorged themselves on chicken wings, beer and sandwiches. Their eyes, meanwhile, were led to feast on something else: ads. 606 more words


Viacom to Sell U.S. Ads for Snapchat

Viacom, which has been working to broaden its toehold in digital media, said it had struck a pact with social-media company Snapchat that will allow the New York entertainment conglomerate to sell U.S. 263 more words


Anheuser-Busch: Peyton Manning Was Not Paid To Mention Bud In Super Bowl

The most powerful Super Bowl commercial of the evening was for Budweiser beer, but it didn’t appear in the form of a 30-second TV ad during CBS’s broadcast of Super Bowl 50 Sunday evening. 238 more words


Super Bowl Review: Madison Avenue Filled Big Game With Small Ads

Madison Avenue brought a knife to a gun fight Sunday evening, loading the fiftieth Super Bowl with advertisements for the splintered crowds of the Internet and social media rather than being tailored for TV’s biggest annual event. 1,274 more words


Super Bowl Ad Review: Heinz Spot Tastes Like The Real Deal

Here’s a Super Bowl ad with a lot of meat on it.  It’s a spot for ketchup.

You won’t find Alec Baldwin, Christopher Walken, Amy Schumer or any of the other handfuls of famous folk slated to show up this Sunday night appearing on behalf of Heinz barbecue sauce and a range of the company’s other condiments. 572 more words


Coca-Cola Hopes To Cut Through Fox's Live 'Grease' With Ad Play

When Danny Zuko and Sandy get thirsty during Fox’s live January 31 telecast of the musical “Grease,” chances are they will drink Coca-Cola – because that’s the company taking part in a big ad deal to support the program. 388 more words


Acura Plucks Van Halen To Strike A Chord At Super Bowl 50

Sometimes it takes a voice like David Lee Roth’s to snare consumer attention on Super Bowl Sunday.

Acura will take to the advertising playing field of Super Bowl 50 with an ad that will use some of the iconic elements of the Van Halen song “Running with the Devil,” namely  some of Roth’s signature musical utterances and guitarist Eddie Van Halen’s trademark licks. 314 more words