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Netflix and Chill: Chewing Gum

***A spoiler free review***

Chewing Gum Review: “Bless Us One and All, Oh Great and Benevolent Queen Bey”

This six-episode comedy premiered in the UK on television last year, but Netflix acquired the rights to broadcast as an exclusive in other countries, and boy, am I glad. 364 more words


BBC's Class: The flower was actually the better villain..

Picture the scenes. Two parties are in an intense battle to save the Earth from another two hellish foes. One’s a demonic alien. The other’s a pink flower… Stop laughing: the flower was actually the better villain.  497 more words


Don't get caught out this Christmas! - Guest post

It’s now December and the Christmas break is fast approaching. If you’re anything like me you would be getting ready to delve into a new box set. 413 more words


Top 10 Netflix shows for December

Jessie talks us through her top 10 Netflix picks for December! 932 more words


Filming Colonialism

British Palestinian filmmaker Saeed Taji Farouky explains how colonialism is always central to the stories he tells

by Zainab Rahim Follow @ZaiNoted

Piercing looks of suspicion open Saeed Taji Farouky’s short film set in Victorian Britain. 1,906 more words

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BBC'S Class: Impress me? Impress me it did

I’ve been consistently critical of Class, and it’s purely because I do like it! I really want for it to eventually succeed. But for the moment it has struggled to impress to a high enough extent. 550 more words


3 Reasons to get excited for Wonder Woman!

3 reasons to get excited for Wonder Woman (2017)

The new Wonder Woman trailer recently dropped in spectacular fashion and has successfully renewed the intoxicating hype I have for the upcoming movie. 532 more words