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Creed: When Mainstream Cinema Has A Black Lens

by Shane Thomas  Follow @tokenbg

This review contains spoilers.

Last summer, I was talking with a friend about Dear White People, and its lead, Tessa Thompson. 1,452 more words


“Sorry, sir, I’m here, and I would like some cake too, please!”

by Fan Sissoko  Follow @whatfandoes

Not so long ago, I was in a mood. The kind of mood that sticks your bones to your sofa and has you craving childhood. 874 more words


Why Aziz Ansari Has Destroyed My Chances, And Why He Is So So Important

by Arnab Chanda Follow @arnabacus

Throughout my life, even though we’ve never met, Aziz Ansari has consistently beaten me to the punch. It’s becoming a theme. 1,724 more words

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Are queer people of colour finally entering the mainstream?

by Phelan Chatterjee  Follow @LiftsGoingDown

Recently I watched the first episode of Aziz Ansari’s Master of None with a friend. The first thing he pointed out was the seemingly in your face diversity; “Oh look, a Jew, a Pakistani and a black lesbian! 964 more words


Star Wars Rebels Season Two

I have seen some news that will make my daughter very happy; season two of Star Wars Rebels starts later this month! The bad news; we don’t have any of the Disney Channels so we can’t watch it until it comes out on DVD. 151 more words

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Why can't we have nice things?

At the weekend, I watched the movie “Jenny’s Wedding”. I remember the trailers last year, advertising a light romantic movie about a lesbian finally coming out to her family because she’s getting married. 679 more words

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Paying My Respects to the 'Queen of Crime'

I wish I could recall when I picked up my first novel by Agatha Christie and which title it was. All I know is that as a child sometime after graduating from Nancy Drew, I made my way to the adult mysteries reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the prolific Agatha Christie, who wrote not only… 597 more words