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Episode 3 - Upcoming TV shows, X-Men and E3


In our third episode we take a look at some of the more recent TV show announcements and discuss what I’m most excited about that came from E3 (We also go on a bit of a tangent about the X-Men universe). 68 more words

Geek Culture

There's Only One Tree Hill

It’s fairly obvious what this post is about and if you know me you’ll know I’m slightly, very unhealthily obsessed with TV, most importantly One Tree Hill. 1,258 more words


Musicals, Film and Intermissions

Movies these days have gotten longer. It’s not entirely clear why to me, but it’s been a notable difference in length. It’s hard to tell if it’s made a real impact on story telling, though regardless this is why I think cinema needs to bring back the intermission. 556 more words

Monday Posts

Baby Driver Review

Edgar Wright’s first venture into straight-up action is a treat for the eyes and the ears.

Wright is one of my favourite directors, his cornetto trilogy is classic, quotable, and perfectly British – whilst they are predominantly comedy films, they have their fair share of action sequences, never mind if it’s only fighting the blanks in the men’s. 464 more words


Gifted film review

From Marc Webb, the director of (500) Days of Summer, Gifted is a beautiful and inspiring story of love and finding the strength to speak up. 123 more words

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Graham Re-Watches Pirates, part 2: Dead Man's Chest

Part 1 here

In the time between the first and second films in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, I served a two-year church mission in Spain, came home, changed jobs a few times (in a period I like to call “career A.D.D.”), and crashed at least two different relationships, maybe three. 1,197 more words

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