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Netflix Recommendations!

Quick disclaimer! All of these options are from the current (August 2017) British Netflix line ups. So if you’re reading this a while after I’ve posted it, I can’t promise that they are all still available. 117 more words

Stop Moaning about Game of Thrones Spoilers!

Seriously, the internet is full of spoilers of everything…so stop acting like there isn’t going to be at least one meme that clues you in on what’s happened for the latest Game of Thrones. 225 more words


Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ranked

Marvel’s been putting out movies and TV shows in its connected universe for almost a decade now, to generally high acclaim. They’ve had a few misses here and there, but their worst movies are still better than half of DC’s offerings, so let’s not get too worked up about it. 1,900 more words

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Wait For It...

The mood struck me so here we go:

“Wait and see” is one of the most asinine pieces of advice you can give someone. This is especially true when it comes to the media in large part because creators are often counting on a certain level of curiosity drawing you in. 465 more words

iZombie - Season 3

I have found that doing ‘reviews’ per season while trying to keep it non-spoilery isn’t working out. I am really struggling with what to write, so from now on these posts are mainly going to be about plot points. 358 more words


Q & A series

Hello everyone

So I though I would do something a little different. I love Q&A blogs and always enjoy reading them do thought I would do my own. 92 more words