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So that Star Trek teaser and logo...

In case anyone managed to miss it, we’ve got a first look at the new Star Trek series!

So, it’s not actually a first look at anything that’s been filmed, because filming hasn’t started and I’m pretty sure they don’t have a cast yet, but they’re trying to get us amped up about the look and feel of the new show with this. 773 more words

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White is Right, But Light-Skin is the Next Best Thing

by Shane Thomas Follow @tokenbg

The arrival of summer means a number of things: Intermittent sunshine, music festivals where at least one white person gets their cultural appropriation on; and superhero movies. 1,206 more words


All You Need to Know About the New Assassin's Creed Movie

Game to film adaptations aren’t known to be the best type of movies, as seen in the extremely inaccurate ‘Hitman: Agent 47’ film in 2015 that left fans brokenhearted and disappointed, and don’t even let me get started with the cringe worthy ‘Mortal Kombat’ series. 536 more words

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10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

“People are strange creatures. You can’t always convince them that safety is in their best interest.”

What’s it about?

A woman gets in a car accident and wakes up in a bunker. 351 more words

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In keeping with the essence of Friday the 13th and the superstitious nature behind the day, I once again attempted the almost impossible; a movie night with my wife of the horror variety. 668 more words


Spend a night out with the stars!

Every star started somewhere. Get your tickets for the Philadelphia Independent Film Awards and meet the up-and-coming actors, directors and screenwriters BEFORE they’re out of your reach! 197 more words

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Just 11 Short Days to the Philadelphia Independent Film Awards!

Have you reserved your seat? Just $40 gets you:
A seat in the room as we honor WILL SMITH with our Trailblazer Award!

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