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Characters First: Why "Incredibles 2" was a worthy addition to the first one.

It’s always scary when they make a sequel to a really great movie. If the first one was 100% great, the second one would only need to hit 90% for you to feel like it didn’t live up. 342 more words


Read then Watch: A Review of Shelley (Class of 98) Ep 3

In my review for episode 2 of SHELLEY I stated that the episode was very Scream like and my fears for the longetivity of the series as a whole. 188 more words


Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum was originally a one woman play by the creator/star of the show Michaela Cole. This show follows Tracey who comes from an extremely religious family who is engaged to fellow Christian Ronald who is quite frankly awful towards her. 710 more words

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Read then Watch: A Review of Shelley (Class of 98) Ep 2

In my review of the first episode of SHELLEY, which you can read here, I stated that the series as a whole was in a tricky spot. 187 more words


Watch A 3 Minute Horror Film: The Faceless Man

The golden rule in a horror movie is to never have sex. It’s a no-no. And no matter how tempted you may be, if you want to make it to the end credits, you’re going to have to make that sacrifice. 132 more words


Read then Watch: A Review of SHELLEY (Class of 98) Ep 1

Crypt TV has been steadily building up their web series with the likes of Look-See and Crypt’s Fables, proving that they are ones to watch over the next year or so. 176 more words


Watch A 3 Minute Film: The Scarecrow

Why is it that every time we go for a walk in the woods our minds begin to play tricks with us? All of a sudden, we start to hear things, we feel that someone is watching it; and that what can go wrong will go wrong. 69 more words