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Digimon: The Unacknowledged Paradigm (Adventure and 2.0)

From watching this show as a bright-eyed seven-year old, to more recently – and slightly shamefully – as my twenty-three-year old self, the one thing which consistently struck me was the depth of character which underpinned this largely dismissed series. 2,587 more words

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KIS REVIEWS: Suicide Squad

What if Superman flew down into the White House and grabbed the president right out of the Oval Office? Who’s going to stop him? We’ll need a squad, a suicide squad, and that’s the premise of this movie. 320 more words


Ashley Couch to speak at the Bronze Lens Film Fest Legal Mashup

Please join us at the Bronze Lens Film Festival in Atlanta, GA on August 25th for exciting film law CLEs with some of the most outstanding entertainment lawyers in the industry! 10 more words

Tale Of Tales (2015)

“Every new life calls for a life to be lost……..are you willing to accept the risk?”

What’s it about?

Nightmarish intermingling of three medieval fairy tales for grown ups and their sadist friends….but not their children. 437 more words

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I got next: Saved by the Bell Interactive Game

A Saved by the Bell interactive game on YouTube?! The Future is now!

This is an interactive game from Fine Brothers Entertainment (ya know, the people who do those great ‘Teens React To’ videos). 40 more words


Greater Manchester Fringe: Hamlet

TO complete our build up to this year’s Greater Manchester Fringe, I sat with Hamlet star Franklyn Jacks, as he reveals the Truly Outrageous Production take on the famous Shakespeare play… 368 more words

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Greater Manchester Fringe: Maids of Suburbia

WITH Greater Manchester Fringe underway, I caught up with actress Victoria Scow and BAFTA award-winning writer and director Anita Pandolfo ahead of their upcoming play Maids of Suburbia… 502 more words

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