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Bad Mum (and Dad)

Do not ring the cops, I am not really a bad Mum, nor is my dear other half a bad Dad.  But on our scale of things bad or perhaps shocking is the word we might use about ourselves. 274 more words

Working Mum

TV Set in Kid's Bedroom

Sometimes things are so self-explanatory that they really don’t need any commentary, correct?

I came across this sentence in an on-line article this week:

“Furthermore, two thirds of children in the U.S. 294 more words


television parent

This in every way is a justification for my parenting.

Studies show that kids who watch too much TV (greater than 3 hours a day) have shorter attention spans and are developmentally stunted. 511 more words


In Defense of Kids Watching TV

Every once in a while the topic of kids and TV comes up at playdate, which is all well and good until things get SPECIFIC. No one wants to be the first to say exactly how many hours a day their kids spend watching TV; I would guess that many of us don’t want to tally it up in our heads and admit it to ourselves, much less to a group of parents who will surely be comparing their own households to ours. 1,515 more words


Television, our Elephant in the Corner

Today was the first morning in over three years, I woke up all by myself.

I’ve either awoken to crying, a cell phone alarm, or the usual, “Mom, it’s wakey time!” about thirty seconds after sunrise.   397 more words


Love List

Aagh Friday. I think I’m still recovering from Thursday.

Yep it’s been a tough week. Down with a virus Tuesday night/Wednesday and then I bounced back Thursday. 634 more words

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