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Izzy Ehrlich Edits "No-Grey Rule" for Leo Burnett

Editor Izzy Ehrlich helps to deliver a powerful message in this campaign for Leo Burnett and the Ontario Women’s Directorate. The spot called “No-Grey Rule”, puts words to things that demean and degrade people, things such as sexual violence and harassment, with the idea that if it’s not okay to say, it’s not okay to do. 102 more words


Corona Extra & Summer make Winter jealous

Summer is coming* and it’s not to everyone’s liking.

Corona Extra just launched a fresh TV Campaign called “Dear Summer” and as you probably guessed it’s inspired by the seasons. 133 more words


Three starts a revolution to end everything that sucks in mobile

Three’s latest TV advertising campaign kicks off tonight (Friday June 5th) with an ad-slot during Big Brother on Channel Five, but if you can’t wait then you’re in luck because we can reveal the ad right here. 799 more words


Red Urban and Subaru Attract Attention For Marc Langley

No matter where it goes (or who is driving it) the Subaru BRZ is turning heads. Marc Langley cut these two spots for Red Urban and Subaru, directed by Mark Gilbert of Untitled Films. 111 more words


Lots of reasons Editor Marc Langley was tapped for Red Urban & Subaru

When it comes to telling a story with pictures and very few words, Editor Marc Langley knows the reason why it’s important to underscore the voice over with smart selects and impeccable pacing to help get the client’s message across. 154 more words


Editor Marc Langley Takes a Skate Down Memory Lane for Rethink and Molson

How would you say thanks to an important person in your life … one who made big sacrifices just to give you a shot at playing hockey? 228 more words


The WiserFund: Editor Izzy Ehrlich Says Cheers To Free Money!

“The Wiserfund” is the latest uncompromising idea from John St. for client J.P. Wiser’s Whiskey. Directed by Max Sherman out of OPC/Family Style and cheerfuly edited by Izzy Ehrlich, the Wiserfund helps uncompromising men get out of compromising situations by lending them financial assistance. 110 more words