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Final Jeopardy 3-10-2017

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TV Characters

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Oxford Dictionaries lists his name as a verb meaning to “make or repair (an object) in an improvised or inventive way”

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Buckeye Zealot

New Anime Coming Your Way!

Look out ladies and gentleman! If you’re a big fan of the Avatar: The Last Airbender series, than I’ve got a new anime for you! 223 more words

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Top 10: Most Intense Moments In Stranger Things

Stranger Things quickly became one of the most talked about shows on Netflix, and with the new season quickly approaching, I thought I’d look at the 10 most intense moments from the first season. 66 more words

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Couples I Wish Ended Up Together

I love me a good love triangle in TV, books and film so in honour of Valentine’s Day week (yes I’ve turned it into a week) I thought I’d look at those love triangles that didn’t quite go my way. 1,811 more words

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Gilmore Girls Are Actually The Worst Girls

Once the new Netflix season of Gilmore Girls was set to come out, I decided to give the original series a try.
618 more words

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Five Fictional Characters I’d Secretly Like To Be In Real Life

How many of you have ever watched a television show or a movie and said aloud, “This person is so me!” or thought that it would be pretty sweet to have their life as your own? 1,367 more words