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Doctor Who and people...

I’m re-watching Doctor Who, the reboot. I also watched this TED talk today. I know Doctor Who is just a show but it’s nice to be reminded sometimes that humanity isn’t all bad…when people remember their connections, when people remember other people…it’s always personal…


Doctor Who-ness

My Doctor: Christopher Eccleston
Second favorite Doctor: David Tennant (I also really loved John Hurt…and I definitely like Peter Capaldi a lot more than I thought I would…partly because I found him very sympathetic…) 93 more words


What's Happened To Doctor Who?

First off, I just want to point out that I do like Doctor Who. I think Peter Capaldi is fantastic as Twelve (honestly, he’s doing a cracking job with what he’s being given) and the past few seasons have featured some great stories (“Listen”, “The Doctor’s Wife”, “The God Complex” and “Forest of the Dead” are a few of my favourites). 743 more words


When Boredom Strikes...

I usually tend to do 1 of 3 things when I get bored or am trying to avoid the internet (like when a new Doctor Who episode comes out and I can’t watch it until the following day). 215 more words