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Doctor Who Review: Kerblam!

This review contains spoilers.

Kerblam! is the first Doctor Who episode this season – apart from maybe the first one – that hasn’t really worked for me on any level. 736 more words

Doctor Who - Kerblam! Review (or "A Welcome Return to Classic Nu-Who")

When it comes to social media, I’ve always held the belief that it’s important to surround yourself with a wide range of views and opinions, even if you strongly disagree with them. 1,621 more words


Doctor Who - Demons of the Punjab Review (or "Manish, You Bastard!!")

One thing I haven’t paid too much attention to so far this season is who wrote each episode. Obviously for the first week it was going to be from the pen of Chris Chibnall, and I did notice that it was he who wrote last week’s episode too. 1,223 more words


Doctor Who Review: The Tsuranga Conundrum

Lots of fans apparently disliked it, but, you guys, I think The Tsuranga Conundrum might be my favourite Thirteenth Doctor episode yet.

The Doctor and her friends are metal detecting on a junk planet, for unspecified reasons, when they accidentally unearth a dangerous sonic mine. 603 more words