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Atypical (Season 2) (2018)

Picking up nearly from the moment the original season ends, this continuation of Netflix’s compelling comedy-drama is just as gripping and consistent this time around. It’s fascinating that the show decides to somewhat decentralize Sam (Keir Gilchrist) and his struggles with autism from the overall narrative, focusing instead on familial strife and how difficult it can be to forgive. 108 more words

TV Festival Testimonial - September 19 2018

Shannon Harvey

Very well organized and well attended. We received valuable feedback from the diverse audience. The moderator was great and jump started their participation. I definitely recommend it for all creators and filmmakers! 26 more words

Doctor Who Review: Gridlock

This review contains spoilers.

Gridlock‘s another new Whoepisode that made me weep when I rewatched it recently. If anything has convinced me that, no, it is not just nostalgia that makes me hate everything Stephen Moffat has ever written, it is this. 921 more words

Do you know how to seize a reader's curiosity?

With a breath and a pause.

Have you ever watched a daytime soap-opera? Now I think the shows are referred to as daytime drama. LOL… 252 more words


A Doctor Who Review: In Defence of "Fear Her"

This review contains spoilers.

TW: child abuse.

The eleventh episode in the second series of New Who, Fear Her has a reputation in the fandom that can only be described as “dismal”. 1,073 more words

Win Keeping Faith on DVD

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Originally airing on BBC Wales in its native tongue as Un Bore Mercher, Keeping Faith, which was filmed simultaneously in English and Welsh, has become the most popular show on the channel in more than 20 years, and now makes its national debut on BBC One and arrives on DVD on 3 September 2018 thanks to Acorn Media International. 436 more words