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Top Ten Books I Would Love to See Filmed

“Traveller, embrace the morning light, but do not take the hand of night.”

Garth Nix

  1. The Dark Tower series – Stephen King. There are already plans to make the septet into some kind of film/TV hybrid, which is either going to be fantastic or soul-crushingly terrible.

  2. 499 more words

Game of Thrones Review: A Man Without Honor

“A man is what others say he is, and no more.”

Game of Thrones

A Man Without Honor, the seventh episode of the second series of Thrones, is far less thematically unified than the sixth episode, The Old Gods and the New, which to some extent can only be a good thing: the character arcs of the combatants begin to diverge again, to splinter into multifacetedness. 351 more words

Humans Review: Episodes 1 & 2

“These freaks are the singularity.”


Humans, Channel 4’s new SF series, is the reason I still have to watch Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell on iPlayer. 363 more words

Game of Thrones Review: The Old Gods and the New

“I do what I have to to stay alive.”

Game of Thrones

I figured it was time to get back on the Game of Thrones wagon, since the internet is determined to furnish me with spoilers for the recent fifth-series finale, and since I have very little else to do at the moment. 573 more words

Jonathan Strange Review: The Black Tower

“I shall teach all the women and all the poor men magic. I will give England back its heritage.”

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

OK, so, it turns out there are seven parts to Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, not six as I said last week. 491 more words

Review: 'Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell' Are Not Equals After All

Lady Pole (Alice Englert) is quite alive after Mr. Norrell (Eddie Marsan) resurrected her last week, but she’s not enjoying her new life. After some initial excitement about dancing, she’s shut inside her own house because Sir Walter (Samuel West) and everyone else believe her to be mad. 590 more words

TV Drama


Fucking Louie CK’s show makes me laugh but also feel horribly depressed for his characters and by extension me (the old me me me refrain never misses a beat does it?). 348 more words

Literati Sadness