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Sneak Peak on this weeks Gotham

The Graysons make an appearance on this weeks Gotham as Gordon visits a circus. Here is a small clip:

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Want quality TV? Better watch BETTER CALL SAUL

Please forgive my bluntness. But I have seen so much shit TV in my life, I get pathetically grateful for a show such as “Better Call Saul.” 681 more words


TV Drama - Editing

Editing is the deliberate arrangement of a group of different shots and it is the hidden art of the film maker. In TV drama continuity editing makes sure that the viewer does not notice the change of shot. 726 more words

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TV Drama - Camera Angles and Movement

The way in which camera angles and movement are used in a scene can be very revealing about what the director of a TV drama wants you to think. 765 more words

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TV Drama - Mise en Scene

Mise en scene means ‘put in the scene’ and it includes everything that you can see in every shot. This ranges from the costume worn to the locations used and is one of the key aspects of characterisation. 222 more words

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TV Drama - Camera Shots

It is important that you know the different camera shots and how they are used. The following video is a good place to start.

You should be able to identify all of the camera shots used and their use in creating representation. 345 more words

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Valid Love

Title: 일리있는 사랑 (ilrittneun sarang)

English Title: Valid Love

Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy

Episodes: 20

Brodacast Network: tvN

Broadcast period: December 1, 2014 – present… 222 more words