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Doctor Who Review: Arachnids of the UK

This post contains spoilers.

TW: spiders.

Despite a feelgood ending in which the Doctor and her companions pledge to form #TeamTARDIS, Arachnids of the UK, the fourth episode in Doctor Who‘s current series, feels ultimately a bit despondent. 779 more words

Butterfly - a great TV drama

Butterfly – a great TV drama

“Butterfly” has been a terrific drama. There were three episodes each shown on a Sunday evening at 9 pm on ITV. 1,387 more words


Doctor Who - Arachnids in the UK Review (or 'The Green Death 2K18')

It’s week four of the Jodie Whittaker era of Doctor Who and we’re back to Sheffield for Arachnids in the UK, which is an episode title that feels as though it’s only called that because ‘Spiders in Sheffield’ may have already been used by David Attenbrough. 1,258 more words


Doctor Who Review: Rosa

So my thoughts about Rosa are…complicated.

In the third episode of new Who‘s eleventh season, the Doctor and her friends end up in Montgomery, Alabama, 1955, the day before a Black woman named Rosa Parks is due to be arrested for not giving up her bus seat to a white person. 823 more words

MANGA impacts our whole life

Manga is essential part for our life in Japan. In a childhood, maybe until 10 years old, we grew up watching Anime and used to exchange our opinions. 400 more words