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A bit of a down day

Somehow the disappointment of yesterday’s performance at the comp only managed to hit me today. I was actually ok yesterday, and maybe a bit deluded?! But today, I just felt quite down. 320 more words


How The Walking Dead Can Step Out of Their Troubles

AMC’s The Walking Dead is having problems.  Some would even say that they’re in big trouble, though I’m not sure I’d go that far. I will, however, acknowledge a drop in ratings that stems almost entirely from a drop in storytelling quality, due to primarily one property of storytelling as I’ll explain in detail below. 1,585 more words

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I’m sick! Boohoo! I have no idea what I have or where I caught it. I woke up with a headache, how does that happen?! A headache and a sore throat. 128 more words


Panthers, lions and dogs

We went and watched Black Panther today. Not a bad movie, although there were slow going bits while they were developing the back story. It didn’t help that I hadn’t had my cup of coffee this morning and I was just relying on the coke that I was having with my popcorn 😆 371 more words


CNY Day 2: Social Etiquette Faux Pas

We continued the eating and drinking today, catching up with a few of N’s workmates. We headed up north, and the taxi driver took one of the major expressways, I think it was the PIE, and part of the expressway actually reminded me of the Sydney Harbour Tunnel! 210 more words



I went and did a few errands this morning, but I didn’t time it well, though: I missed a trading setup while I was out 😔 Argh, that’s what happens when you step away from the screen… 117 more words


“Closed for the day”

Not much happens on Mondays for me, and today was no different. I should just have a “sign” on my blog saying “closed for the day, nothing to see here” on Mondays hahaha… 207 more words