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Tracy Letts On Living A Creative Life

Tracy Letts is an actor, screenwriter, and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright. If that’s not enough, he also performs from time to time with TJ Jagodowski and David Pasquesi. 8 more words

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We The Knee-Slapping North

Canada is having a moment.

It’s not just that Steve Martin curated a Lawren Harris exhibit. Or that our PM makes headlines with handshakes… 594 more words

Improv Comedy

Degrassi-Era Drake Does Improv

You don’t have to be from The 6 to enjoy this vintage footage of Drizzy improvising at The Rivoli. Especially when he breaks into song as awkward as any performed by Colin Mochrie on Whose Line?

TV, Film & Web Series

Inside The Improvisers Studio

Check out this amazing 45-minute interview with Jason Chin and David Pasquesi. Love watching David’s thought process as he answers everything from his approach to improv to his favourite curse word. 27 more words

TV, Film & Web Series