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Your Summer Media

I burned through the first half of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1, but then it took me 3-4 sessions to watch an episode, as the amount of cringe humor grew. 381 more words

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Some TV thoughts

I watched the first half of Game of Thrones, and I’ve been finding excuses not to watch the second half. (Not having a TV that is HBO-Streaming compatible are the easiest). 218 more words

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Television news media is shaping our perception

This blog was originally posted onĀ Awesummly. Awesummly is a news app available on Play Store. To download the app, click here.

Famously regarded as the fourth pillar of the Indian democracy, the television media in India has expanded both in its purview and responsibilities. 1,036 more words


If you are anything like myself

5,000 words, many pictures, and (yes!) a few embedded videos on the typography of Bladerunner will make a brilliant addition to your day. Courtesy of the soon to-be-read-cover-to-cover site of typesetinthefuture.

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Sense8: The Best TV Show to Date

When you think of television, what do you think of? Do you think of Scrubs? Grey’s Anatomy? Mad Men? Modern Family? The Walking Dead? Lost? Supernatural? 802 more words


The other media

I heard good things about Stellaris and its a long weekend, so I downloaded Steam (and discovered that the obvious username was taken, as well as several variants) and looked into it. 239 more words

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"Every Republican Bad Habit": Why Donald Trump's Ham-Fisted Incompetence Is Such A Winning Combo For The Republican Party

Despite his brand as a ruthless businessman whose greed borders on the sociopathic, it’s becoming clear that Donald Trump couldn’t organize his way out of a wet paper sack. 697 more words