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I heard good things about Stellaris and its a long weekend, so I downloaded Steam (and discovered that the obvious username was taken, as well as several variants) and looked into it. 239 more words

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"Every Republican Bad Habit": Why Donald Trump's Ham-Fisted Incompetence Is Such A Winning Combo For The Republican Party

Despite his brand as a ruthless businessman whose greed borders on the sociopathic, it’s becoming clear that Donald Trump couldn’t organize his way out of a wet paper sack. 697 more words


Choice and Tragedy: A look at Season Three of The 100

The 100 has always been a tragic show. Characters engaging in actions that are best questionable and at worst, genocidal, are committed in order to protect their people. 1,027 more words


There's always a reason: Death on the 100


This season of The 100 has been a rollercoaster of quality so far. While season 2 was a slow burn to get things underway, season three started off with action. 764 more words


Reading Recommendation -- Unsong

My latest reading is Unsong, an online story dropping a chapter a week. If you read the Illuminatus Trilogy, but thought — hey, I wish that wasn’t quite so… 181 more words

TV & Media

Comparison in Disabled Representation: Daredevil and Toph

Netflix has reminded me that Daredevil is a thing they make, and as of the writing of this post will have a second season next week. 481 more words


Work in progress by Roger Loosley: Laugh out loud

Subject: James Cary, who is married with two children and lives in Somerset, is a scriptwriter.
Age range: 30 – 40.

RJL: You write comedy scripts for a living. 206 more words

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