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The last month I binged through the last season of the CW (“The CW: Geek shows, ridiculously attractive people. You know you’ll watch.” At least, I assume that’s there motto). 370 more words

Open Thread

History, Myth and Captain America

Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier is what’d you expect from something in the MCU: the familiar 3 act structure, witty dialogue, pretty special effects, less than optimal fight cinematography and popcorn plot. 698 more words


Review: The 100 Season 2

            The 100 on the surface sounds like little more than a focus group tested, demographic pleasing triumph of mediocrity. It’s based off of a YA dystopia series with a female lead and it airs on the CW. 1,689 more words


Review: Narcos

Netflix’s latest original series Narcos is about the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar as well as the DEA agents who hunted him. It’s not my favorite show, but it is interesting enough and does enough stuff right that it’s worth reviewing. 801 more words


DS9: A Show of Two Tales

DS9 is a show about many things, but broadly speaking it wants to tell two kinds of stories. The first is a show about religion and faith. 856 more words


Your Sunday Reading -- The Sea of Crises

Go read The Sea of Crises, by Brian Phillips, on Grantland.

A sumo wrestling tournament.
A failed coup ending in seppuku.
A search for a forgotten man.

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TV & Media

And the Future Looks So Bleak: the Lack of Optimistic Scifi on TV

The Golden Age of TV, the Television Renaissance, or whatever you want to call the upsurge in quality for the better part of the past decade has been marked by several common denominators, grittiness being at the top of the list. 1,013 more words