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The Wars to Come


And yes, I’m doing this again.

We start of with 2 girls walking through the woods who I figured out later was Cersei and a friend. 947 more words

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Justified Appreciation

What is the greatest audible in television history?

What writer/director/actor just took the script, threw it away, and made a good show great? This is a serious question, because I don’t know most of the stories behind shows. 367 more words

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Entertainment, fast and slow

The final Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality chapter posted today and it’s safe to say that the last month that has been my obsession. 421 more words

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While we're discussing secret shames

(Wait, were we? I haven’t heard yours. I guess I was just blurting mine out),

LARPing Hamlet at Elsinore. I was never into ‘swishy-boppy,” but I did love interactive fiction (aka “Pretentious LARPing”). 28 more words

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Followup -- The AI Researcher & Harry Potter

This continues from yesterday’s post, and will make no sense without it.

I was wrong. Completely wrong. There, no words minced.  One commenter said I had fallen for a joke, which may be true. 383 more words

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The AI Researcher Who Crowdsourced Harry Potter Fans

(Authors Note — I wrote this yesterday, shopped it around a bit, and decided to post it here instead. The dates are the real dates of when I originally wrote this. 2,375 more words

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