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Right now is that dangerous moment when I could just decide to let myself go, and admit that while I haven’t done great in life, I’m still 30 pounds lighter than I was fifteen years ago and what’s five more? 229 more words

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New Generation Thinkers

Finally, I have won something better than the Kylie Minogue EP awarded to the best dancer under 6 at my 1991 primary school disco. I’ve been picked *trumpet fanfare* as one of the BBC and AHRC’s “New Generation Thinkers” for 2015, alongside… 710 more words

Kill the Boy

So… quite a long “Previously on” this week… that’s never a good sign.

Grey Worm is alive! Badly injured, it seems, with Missandei watching over him. 1,248 more words

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The 8th Wonder of the Apocalypse

Years of game blogging have made me resistant to shame, though not immune. But even I cannot directly link to my latest atrocity, although it is on my sidebar. 18 more words

TV & Media

Lightning out of the Bottle

Sequels signal a good original Good enough, anyway, to warrant more. Sequels to great originals disappoint more often. Regression to the mean plays a part; you can’t expect to catch lightning twice. 145 more words


Using Bipolar Disorder to Pump Up TV Ratings?

Yep, that was a portion of the storyline on last week’s TV episode of ABC’s “Secret’s and Lies”.  So much for trying to educate society about… 131 more words