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Ableism in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is one of the most memorable sci-fi shows of the 90s and more than 20 years after it first aired it’s still being discussed. 2,334 more words


BoJack. BoJack. BoJack.

I play games, but only during the time when I’m not watching BoJack.

Now that I’ve finished watching BoJack, I watched the first episode of Mad Men because (and I kid you not), I saw an article that said “Now that Mad Men is finished, the show that is most like it is BoJack.” (A friend who has seen both thinks that article is full of crap). 45 more words

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Summer Open Thread

’tis summer break, the kids are at camp, so it’s like a mini-vacation. (And I am, in fact, back from my actual vacation, and drove 2,000+ miles over the last 10 days). 464 more words

Open Thread

Intersectionality and Sense8

My recent post about the boundaries of diversity in Sense8 was upon reflection, incomplete. This is due to the fact that I neglected to discuss intersectionality. 568 more words



Right now is that dangerous moment when I could just decide to let myself go, and admit that while I haven’t done great in life, I’m still 30 pounds lighter than I was fifteen years ago and what’s five more? 229 more words

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The Diversity Boundaries of Sense8

Sense8, pronounced ‘sensate’, is Netflix’s new original series about a group of eight people across the world who begin to share their consciousness with one another brought to us by the Wachowskis and JMS. 928 more words