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Wait, Hold Everything: Is More 'Sex and the City' on the Way?

Basically, all anyone really wants in life is more Sex and the City. Though the show went off the air in 2004, it has been re-watched so many times over the course of the past 12 years that it still feels relevant, even if some of those fashion choices have definitely fallen by the wayside. 293 more words


Magnificent dude

Chris Pratt from “The Magnificent Seven” has the cover of US publication 8 Days (issue) 1353. Got to see this movie one of these days.

Never seen this magazine before.


7 TV Shows to Watch (and 7 to Skip) This Fall

It’s fall again at last, which means it’s time to wear your favorite sweaters, eat the crispest of crisp apples—and snuggle in to watch the best TV of the year. 132 more words


Why the Matrix Reloaded should have been released this year.

during a sneezing packed day of packing boxes, dusting off retro games consoles to return to their pristine packaging, remembering games i’ve loaned out over the years and still haven’t got back and also discovering i have a green Gameboy Color i forgot i had. 790 more words

TV & Movies

Walking Dead week

Good day tomorrow, as The Walking Dead will see the release of Season 6 on DVD here in Sweden. Should be a world wide kind of thing.

I have ordered my copy.


Nice Alicia Vikander cover (3)

Another lovely cover with the wonderful Swedish actress Alicia Vikander. Italian edition of Vanity Fair, issue 38 2016.

We are proud of her success.


The 35 Best Beauty Moments From ‘90s (and Early ‘00s) TV Shows

We know that every generation probably says this and will say this about their own childhood until the end of time, but we fully assert that the ‘90s and early aughts were the best years ever. 223 more words