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Better Late Than Never - This Show Is Hilarious

Henry Winkler (The Fonz) got three other old guys and a young guy together to travel across Asia. The show is called Better Late Than Never… 271 more words


The Man From Planet X

I like this poster. “The Man From Planet X” was an American Sci-Fi movie from 1951. The whole Roswell thing from 1947 (and other such cases) had resulted in a wave of movies of this kind. 6 more words


Nice Nadia Bengala cover

Italian publication Slide looks like a good read. This is the September 2016 issue. The beautiful model on the cover is actress Nadia Bengala.

Top notch, that is all I can say.


Blast from the past

One of my old publications. This is issue 3 of LUCY IN THE SKY (published in March 2002) and it sports a rather nice Patricia Parker cover. 43 more words


Grey Wolf

I have mentioned a couple of books about the theory that Hitler fled to South America during the battle of Berlin in 1945 on this blog and a friend of mine gave me Gerhard Williams film “Grey Wolf” a while back. 59 more words


Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs

There must be thousands of UFO documentaries made for television but when Dan Aykroyd did his “Unplugged on UFOs” film in 2012 it was a bit of a sensation. 33 more words


Xena franchise reboot

Dynamite Entertainment is to reissue classic Xena comics to coincide with the return of Xena on television. “Xena Warrior Princess Omnibus Volume 1” will hit the streets in January 2017. 9 more words